A head of rambling thoughts

My mind is a jumble of thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately, they’re coming out in a language of which I do not understand….much like Klingon or Russian, without a Dictator Vladimir Putin strutting around or a deep-voiced Worf. See what I don’t mean?? Or, what I do mean?? 😛

Why is this?? Let’s analyze, shall we:
–I’m in the middle of a tear-jerker of a book..
–I’ve been seeing a blast of tweets of which I can’t keep up.
–I’ve an urge to just go out and commune with nature, but step outside and say “hell no, it’s cold.”
–I started another exercise routine, but am unsure of results (am I really seeing a difference, or am I just kidding myself?!?”).
–Computer games just raise my blood pressure, instead of relaxing me into submission so I can get things done.

Anyone have a sledgehammer I can borrow? I have the urge to throw it at the screen before I publish this….

Whoops, too late. 😛

At wits end

Now what?

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2 responses to “A head of rambling thoughts

  1. Oh my! I’m glad nobody handed you a sledghammer! Ranting helps…I hope!

    I snagged your button for Ruthi Reads!

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