Booking it through Wednesday

Yeah, I know the thought: “Oh no, not more books!” My passion for books has had its way with me again, for better or worse. I’ve found some more challenges of which to participate, a neat little meme and just some more fabulous book blog sites out there. I’m telling you, some of these sites put my little blog to shame, but instead of looking with jealousy, I’ll just admire and aspire. 🙂

Weekly 100 Words

The blog-hopping meme is courteous of RuthiReads, and here’s a contribution from currently reading list.

"Mrs. Otis and I are from Whistle Stop, a little town about ten miles from, here, out by the railroad yards….She’s lived down the street from me for the past thirty years or so, and after her husband died, her son and daughter-in-law had a fit for her to come and live at the nursing home, and they asked me to come with her. I told them I’d stay with her for a while–she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going back home just as soon as she gets settled in good.
It’s not too bad out here. The"…
-page 6 from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

How does that sentence end? You’ve to read the book to find out that answer. This book has been on my To Be Read list for the longest. I found it on the shelves at my last library trip, and into my hands it jumped. And, yes, the movie “Friend Green Tomatoes” is based upon this book. 😀

What are you reading? Do tell. Maybe we can give each other ideas.


Next stop for me is preparing a book challenge post for couple (or so) challenges) after this post. Until then…

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2 responses to “Booking it through Wednesday

  1. Omigosh, I loved the movie! I had no idea about the book, so I truly thank you for this WoW 100 Words!

    Thanks for hoppin’ along!

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