The Epic Quest for a better me

tpl_big What am I doing while I’m not blogging? As part of my regime to make me a better  me, I’m exercising every day. –almost – Due to some errands, I have missed a couple days, however I make it up the next workout. To the left is a picture of me now, at least, it’s how I feel. Yes, I feel like a giant peanut m&m candy. I exercise to counter this feeling.

Favorite routines I’ve found:

  • Walking (1, 2, or 3 miles) by Leslie Sansone – she encourages you during the workout and takes the time to properly warm you up and cool down as well
  • 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels – half the time I want to punch Jillian in the nose during the boxing part, but her workouts definitely get your heart pumping and build up stamina, even if you don’t realize it at the time because of the punching feelings. ;P
  • Zumba fitness – OMG, this is SO much fun. I just do the hip-hop at the moment, but I’m encouraged to do more (and maybe will join a class sometime in the future). It doesn’t matter if you can dance, even wiggling to the music is a good time. 😀

I’m not sure if I’m making progress, but ever so often, I glimpse into the mirror and think I see something. We’ll see how it goes. And, perhaps my body image change to a svelt green m&m. 
I hope so.tpl_little

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Peanut M&M provided by becomeanm&

2 responses to “The Epic Quest for a better me

  1. You have the greatest sense of humor that shows in every one of your posts. I applaud your M ‘n’ M efforts!

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