Starting another writing exercise – 1 word

I haven’t abandoned anything yet, but I think I may be having a lazy moment. Good thing is my creativity is coming back again. Bad thing is it’s not connecting to other parts…yet. Anyone have some mental glue to make this process faster? IDK either. In the meantime, at NaBloPo, this month’s theme is “in one word”. Sounds intriguing. So, trying it for 30 days…or until boredom or something else sets into my brain.


According to, today’s word is: basic

1 minute response: The simplest needs of a person. What do we really need? It’s usually less than what we initially think, and may include things that produce a "duh" reaction.


Conclusion(s) from exercise – I need to learn how to type faster. I also thought of the basic computer language. ~shrugs~
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2 responses to “Starting another writing exercise – 1 word

  1. Basic reminds me of the movie Say Anything where Ione Skye’s character calls John Cusack Basic and she thinks that she’s ruined a future with him but he’s out on the street thanking the crowd and taking a big bow.

  2. I like to embrace lazy moments and invite them in to stay awhile

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