All about young love

Young love–what an enticing suggestion. Although, sometimes I wish for any love at all, even if is just from my dog. Other times…well, we won’t go there, for as a blog friend once reminded me, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. (unless you’re like our mutual blog friend, Jenny…hehe) So, time for counting blessings again (*takes 10 deep breaths*). Okay, let’s continue….

I have received a wonderful opportunity this past week from One2One — to listen to the new Mat Kearney album! Woo-hoo, me. And, woo-hoo to you…for you get an advance heads-up from yours truly, so you can run out and get the cd, too. 😉

The album starts off with a comfortable top favorite of his music, Hey Mama. This song gets you up and dancing (well, at least it does for me). What a great song for working out! Hello, Mr. Kearney! Once introduced, we go into the courting stage with Ships in the Night. This song is sort of a mix between hip-hop and soft rock (okay, maybe favoring the latter), one to dance in the evening with your soul mate. Next up is Count On Me, which is something I wouldn’t mind my honey singing to me.~swoon~ Sooner or later sounds like either someone cannot make up one’s mind, or it’s inevitable that we’ll get there [hopefully sooner]; an upbeat song despite the indecisive topic. The song Chasing The Light is one that would fit nicely into my walking routine; a nice, steady song that makes me want to clap along to the drum beats. Then, the album slows down a bit with Learning to Love Again, almost as if it knows we need a breather; and we slow dance across the floor. Then, the next songs have my foot tapping and my fingers snapping. I’m sure I look sort of silly to the casual observer being so active during these songs, but I can’t help myself (*tap*tap*tap*…*snap*snap*snap*).

The only thing missing is seeing Mat sing. But, I can turn up the speakers, close your eyes, and let the imagination take it from there. This album has been an enjoyable ride that’s destined to be included on the iPod for the daily exercises or at least playing in the background while I work. Thanks to Patch Culbertson and the One2One women for giving me the opportunity to do so! 🙂

Don’t forget, you can also get another taste of Matt’s Young Love album through his awesome little widget. Click his picture to see it. Enjoy, then buy your own so you can dance along with me and give the observers a really good show. 😉
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