What the heck were they thinking?

“Where the heck have I been lately?” you my wonder. In addition to the usual stuff (reading, eating, working, exercising), I’ve been doing a daily challenge to help my well-being. Today, it’s about doing something creative. My creative mojo has come often when I’m not near a computer (to blog or draw it), or when I’m too tired to do anything about it. Talk about a bummer of timing my mojo has! Anyway, today I’m channel-surfing and wondering what the heck people were thinking looking at some of the tv show titles.

Blog Cabin – a DIY show but it either sounds like syrup or a journal by a 5 year old (probably because I’m reading a book called Room)

Wind At My Back – a movie about a women keeping her family together; sounds like it’d be a family enduring a hurricane (okay, maybe not really, but it’d be funnier that way. hehe)

World’s Fattest Man – that’s just sick and sad. Poor guy…and yet courageous to tell the story and get help. 😦

Magnum TV – what a tease as I liked Magnum PI…This one’s a hunting show. Well, maybe not too different considering the trouble Magnum sometimes encountered. LOL

Big Time Rush – could be a bunch of women at a bridal show, a jocks fraternity, perhaps people getting stoned; but, no, it’s a show about kids in high school. (wtf?!)

On that note, that’s enough weird television for one day, at least for me. Maybe next time we’ll discuss weird channels, like what is up with an entire channel just for fishing? I’d rather eat the fish, thank you very much. ;D Anyway, until next time…

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PS. If you’d like to do the daily challenge as well, you can sign up at http://www.dailychallenge.com 🙂

4 responses to “What the heck were they thinking?

  1. “Wind at my Back” is one show I catch every now and again while reading in bed, with the INSP channel on the TV.

  2. Ethan watches Big Time Rush and listens to their music. He will not have anything to do with Justin Beiber though. Go figure.

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