Judging books by their covers

What could bring me back to blogging? Why, to talk about books, of course! Yeah, I know, I’m a bookworm that would like nothing better than to crawl into a good book sometimes. But, with so many books out there, how do you find the one to read? At times, I’ve had to pick and choose by the cover (not something to be done with people, of course. 😉 ). The chosen books can all be found at my local library. As learned from the movie version of the book Silence of the Lambs, “We covet what we see, everyday”.

For instance, I found the following YA book:
Dark Angel
What a great find it was!

Here’s what else I’ve found throughout the year…

Non-fiction Books:
Steve Jobs The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass* 11/22/63* Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs?: A Food Lover's Guide to America's Favorite Dishes
Fiction Books:
State of Wonder* The Infernals Christmas Treasures A Texan's Promise (Heart of a Hero)

Children’s Books:
11 Experiments That Failed The Best Mud Pie (Rookie Readers Level B)

The starred books really intrigued me for an immediate move to the TBR. The children’s books chosen remind me of my own childhood. I wonder what 2012 will bring?


One response to “Judging books by their covers

  1. Can’t wait to read Bill Maher’s new book!

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