Versus – twiharding my hunger

In this episode of Versus, we compare Twilight and The Hunger Games series. Yeah, I know, no contest some say….let’s do it, anyway.

Twilight (Vs.)
The Hunger Games
1. Fluff writing (dreamy stuff, in Bella’s head a good portion of the time); simplicity that allows one to finish the very long books quickly, depending on how fast one can navigate through Bella’s head

2. Bella – victim with a tough exterior that her vampire boyfriend cannot crack; worries in her head a lot; finally shows her real toughness when she gives birth to a half-vampire and becomes a vampire herself
3. Vampire “sparkle” and lots of wolf hair
4. Vampire Edward that knows how to toss an apple and best friend/wolf Jacob fighting over Bella
5. Prettying up Bella for the wedding

6. “Psychic” Alice is the best friend/sister [in-law] Bella could have

7. Cameos by the author Stephenie Meyer in the movie[s] – makes for a “Where’s Waldo?” moment for the audience

1. Intelligent writing, plot lines and characters; takes one into a futuristic world yet stays realistic enough to imagine oneself in the role

2. Katniss – heroic; steps up for sister..ends up saving her community (and eventually more); proactive…and most excellent with a bow

3. all the elaborate costume wear in the Capitol
4. Fellow Tribute and bakery guru  Peeta and best friend / hero Gale for Katniss

5. Prettying up Katniss for competition (or as Cinna puts it: “making an impression”)
6. Rue for bringing out one of the sweetest moments from tough Katniss (pleasing the capitol tv audience immensely)

7.  The mockingjay pin and call – an awesome symbol and a must-have (or at least a really want) for all THG fans

I’ve sort of made my opinions obvious which way I lean, though I did enjoy both series – and absolutely devoured one almost whole.  The best part about both of them is that it does get people reading again, which maybe leading to more reading. In that way, we all win…although the authors probably win the most from all that publicity, etc.
Happy hump day…and happy reading, all!Winking smile


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