for the love of delicious fruit!

Going through the dashboard for my blog this week led me to discover some neat factoids. It had me so excited that I started taking screenshots to keep and show the moments.

First superimposed 2 happenings into a single screenshot for double the fun. I found out I have 153 followers (good for my little blog) and that the head honchos at my web host started a new notifications feature to tell me all sorts of neat things. All together now: Oooo…ahhh, ohhhhh….


I also checked at my latest stats and found out I’ve had visitors from all over this planet called Earth.‘

24 countries (recently)
Sure, it’s because they like my little birthday .gif I had one year…that and 3 Musketeers, and Marvin Zindler. But, at least they’ve come. Now, if only I can find a way to snag ‘em back again. Perhaps I need a picture of Marvin eating a cake full of candy. o_O Hmm, maybe I should think a bit more. Watch out for smoke. And an international “Hello”: Hola, Alló, Alo, Guten tag, haelo, néih hóu, nǐ hǎo, Halito, Guuten takh, Hallo, Salut, Bonjour,  Aloha, namaste, konnichiwa, Zdravo, Sveiki, Goddag, Siema, Olá, Allegra, สวัสดี, Dumela, and ciao!*


(I realize all languages are not quite there…hopefully a neighbor is nearby to translate for the rest. Winking smile)

Cheerio, my international visitors, and thanks for eating my delicious fruit!

PS. And, thank you to Omniglot for helping me to greet people in several different languages!

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