Chores, smores

“Do your chores.”
It’s a phrase drilled into us parents/guardians growing up, and by ourselves when something needs doing. Chores can be so tedious, hence the word origin. Chores force us to be “Responsible”, another word which can cause a twinge to the little child inside that just wants play time.
The SITS ladies recently had a question concerning blog chores. I could relate to several of the answers given. For instance, marketing one’s posts — I thank certain plugins for helping me with this tasks, like auto-posting links for me to social media devices. Another answer, coming up with a post for a picture. Sure, I can caption the picture, but creating a relevant post could be tedious. Perhaps, this is the real story behind the wordless picture meme.
And, don’t get me started with SEO – talk about making my inner child scream! I think I’d rather have s’mores. Yes, definitely a good reason to have chocolate, and  marshmallow on a graham cracker (as if one needs an excuse – hush up, responsible dieter inside my head).

What do you think?

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