Blog CPR

There’s a truly awful stench in the air. No, it’s not a super-human fart. It’s…




[the masses scream in horror] AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, wait…this one…There’s hope, isn’t there, Yoda?
[insert wise little green dude] “blog died. But, be reborn, it can.”

Yes, wise web guru, I think it can be revived, too…Clear!
[a flash of light]
[a whiff of new machinery sparking]
[spiders and their webs scattering]
[fingers loosening]
[ideas forming]

Whoa. That was intense, Doc. Are we back? Did we make it?

We’re back…at least part of the way. Winking smile [cue cheers and jeers]

What do you think?

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