The Scary Challenge

One of the ladies at SITS gave an idea tonight about writing what scares you. Writing in general sort of scares me, for I feel I’m not very good at it (rooted in a fear of criticism, perhaps?). It doesn’t help that lately I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, not only dealing with my own emotions but with those people around me. O don’t like talking about myself here much, for I feel it’s selfish and not very entertaining. But, I’m taking a chance in hopes even one person may understand (even if it’s just in relief that there’s someone more miserable in the world). 

Not-so-random thoughts / happenings:
I just recently celebrated a milestone birthday, though not many decided I was even worth a greeting.  In my mind, it was great (I even sang to myself…only inside my head – no voices talking, so hold back on the padded room. ;P), and bought myself a small gift that did make me a bit happier.
I still want to change the theme of this blog a bit. One thing that’s bugged me is that it doesn’t show the tagline underneath the title, something of which I’ve always liked. When I visit the theme gallery, it’s kind of like Snow White and the porridge…just not quite right. There’s one called twenty eight thirteen which keeps the three column layout and adds the tagline; but, it’s so white (no colors). It seems to be an upgrade from twenty ten; I’d love to merge the two together. The other theme I really like is bouquet, which is an elegant pink theme, but alas, only one side column. What to do? My mind reels from the possibilities.
Wondering…perhaps this is why no one wants to talk to me right now? IDK. Maybe I just need someone to give me a hug and say things will be okay, preferably while  handling over a stack of cash.
That’s enough thoughts for the moment. I don’t want to bore anyone too much. Who am I kidding? No doubt we’re past that point by now, sincerest thanks to the reader for making it this far. Plus, I’m a bit frustrated with my keyboard forcing me to correct every few seconds due to a letter not typing or the cursor trying to jump. Probably why I thought of and mentioned wanting money up there. Ahh, se la vie.

On a final note, I did have (baked) chicken for dinner. Perhaps, that’s why it is what it is. :-/

What do you think?

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