Ad On

Yeah, the title’s a bit of word play for you thinkers out there: a mash-up between a certain football game, enhanced web browsing, and Matthew Perry’s sitcom Go On.

Speaking of going on…

I’m sitting here going through the latest crop of Super Bowl commercials (so far), some of which to be airing next Sunday during that little football match they have every year. Some have really caught my eye, others causing my retinas to burn the rest…meh.

The creep factor is definitely within this Doritos finalist:

Doritos Goat 4 Sale–because who wouldn’t want an annoying goat that eats all your chips all day long?!

Though, there’s always a bit of funny in the low-brow “slap”stick humor of this Doritos finalist:


Doritos Express Checkout–predictable but the real funny is he took over 50 takes to get that shot XD

I’m not such a Marvel comics fan, but the Iron Man teasers make the movie look so fantastic! Of course, it has Robert Downey Jr., too…not-so-good guy IRL, but on screen, so totally yummy":

Iron Man 3 Trailer–makes the eyes go Boing! O_O

How can one not be pumped already? Okay, I’d be a bit happier if my team had not flubbed up everything and gotten in, but it’s the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl 2013–yummy Arian Foster shot halfway in…namaste!

Whatever the ads do bring this weekend, I do hope to bask in the excitement (I’d better be entertained, at 4 million dollars a pop). But, even if not, I’m determined to be happy, mon…

Get Happy Volkswagen 2013–don’t worry…hakuna matata and all that jazz. Wait, now I’m tuck on Broadway. Someone pick me up quickly before I gleek out!

“I hear music when you look at me….” Oops. Too late. Happy pre-Super Bowl, y’all…or, happy shopping, etc. for the rest. As for me, I’ll get back to my Matthew Perry and  Texans players dream (featuring JJ, JJo, AJ, and #23, too)…oh, I can spend a while on this one. Hope no one wants to eat soon. Eh, let them order pizza. ;D

What do you think?

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