nine things or so

Thanks to the SITS ladies, I ran across a post recently called “9 things your Blog Site should contain”…well, let’s see how I’ve done.

1. Have a well-designed blog header. –looks up— I had a prettier banner, but I had to change it to fit a new blog theme and get my tagline back. Picture matches, though one day I’d like to change it to a picture of pears, all info there. So, check!

2. A tasteful background – it used to be green, to match my original banner, but the white matches my button banner. Although, I could change it to tan, purple or pink. Hmm…we’ll revisit this thought later.

3. A consistent color theme…well, it matches.  So, it works.

4. A profile with 3-5 sentences. Oh yeah, feel free to look “inside” me, but be careful, I’m ticklish. ;D

5. Pages and categories. –looks to the left— In the mold, you can look up posts by the month, or pick a category below of  a topic of interest. That’s convenient, I think.

6. Social media. Oh, look at the right! I see site visitors, a link to follow me on Twitter, sign up to get the blog posts in your email and one can even play with my dying neopet (poor thing, but it’s still cute). Oh shoot…my Pinterest link isn’t –digs it up for adding later—.

7.  A list of related posts. They’re below every post on this site when one opens up the post on its own page.

8. A list of popular posts. Well, I had them on the right, but took them off because I had so many links for one to see.. –sits down cross-legged in a huff—So there.

9. A list of archives. Hey, I already covered this one. They’re In the Mold. (Yes, it’s a play on words, in case one is wondering. It could be the stuff that forms on bad food or where you put the batter to bake in the oven. I’ll let my readers decide,)

That’s it. Oh look, I think I pass the test! Yippee-doo-dah day. Hehe What’s next?

Oh, In other news…
It’s no secret that like many other kids, I grew up reading books by SE. Hinton growing up, and to this day The Outsiders is one of my favorite books (and movies). I’ve read about all she’s written, and enjoy saying Rumblefish because it just sounds fun. Anyway… GoodReads had cool chat this week with this author!! Unfortunately, I was so excited my tongue tied into knots! I said as much via my tweets, and guess what?! She responded to me. Oh, happy day, calloo-callay! That kind of made my day. Oh, how easily amused I can be sometimes, but that’s a good thing, eh. Stay gold, everybody.

In a weird note, I’m once again reminded how one should always proofread before sending. Above, I had originally typed “9 things your bong site should contain”. Oh my, I didn’t even realize that kind of stuff was on my subconscious mind. Actually, it’s more likely because I watch funny comedians like Craig Ferguson and Bill Maher.and I read blogs like  Now, that would make for an interesting banner to the site. At least, it’d get people talking. Hmm. ;D

What do you think?

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