A moment of funny

Like almost everyone else inside the interwebs, I look at YouTube videos…and not just the cat ones. ;P I was looking at the if John Lennon was on The Voice video, and it led me to another funny…

Jimmy Fallon auditioning for SNL

Yeah…I think this kid has a future. Like maybe one day hosting the Tonight Show. hehe ;D

In geeky news, I agree diversity could be cool in the choosing the new Doctor. Only a few months and we’ll see what Moffat has done. Speaking of doing, Matt Smith proves again how sweet a guy he is in his thank you tribute. Oh, I’m going to miss him on DW, but will be excited to see him in other projects as well now that I’ve been introduced to this fabulous actor on screen.

Oh, what an exciting Autumn it will be in science fiction land! Not only the Doctor Who special, but 2 highly anticipated Dystopian book series conclusions as well.


What do you think?

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