The Grammar Trip

Brisbane Grammar School Great Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Photo © State Library of Queensland  – photo credit

I’ve shared and enjoyed a certain grammar site in semi-private company for a while, but it just dawned on me to share this news on my blog. (Yes, I know…the bulb is dim. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll get help. What’s the going rate for brain transplants nowadays? ). So, we’re taking a trip to Grammar-land today to share a wonderful tool to help us all with our grammar.

The site is Grammarly, and according to their site, it’s “The World’s Best Grammar Checker”. I admit, it’s pretty good, especially if you’re doing a drive-by writing post (like posting a comment on Facebook, blogging a spontaneous idea before it leaves your head, etc.). If you go to their site, you can type or copy/paste your text into their handy little box, and it’ll tell you what needs fixing to make things sound a bit better (or at least less idiotic than usual to keep the grammar police at bay).  The tool checks spelling, offers synonyms, and even checks for plagiarism. I’m using GrammarlyLite, for the price is right, and works in my browser, so it works in my Facebook, email, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. The paid version is even better, as it should be, and even found some mistakes in this post. Oops! [sheepish grin] But, we already know I’m waiting on that transplant or something.  Anyway, I’m not getting paid for this trip, just a happy user, so the bus is stopping here. [opens hissing door] Thanks for coming…come again. G’bye now! ;D

One response to “The Grammar Trip

  1. Great tip on using Grammarly! Having a tool that is more intelligent than Microsoft Word is often a great time saver, and for us not having English as our native language, can save us for making a fool of ourself…

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