Whoa 2014 you ho

Just a quick update…much like a prostitute charging by the hour (so I hear…though I can “play” one very well, I’m told — hehe).

It seems like I’m doing everything on the fly these days. The times I do have an idea, I’m usually away from my blogging apparatus, or something else interrupts. I updated my Read In 2013 page with my completed goals (mostly good news there). I updated the header of my blog to the pretty pear tree image I have in my blog badge. And, I coördinated the colors to match. Whew. It’s dinnertime, or close enough to it.

As Tigger would say, TTFN!

**Edit: Well, I HAD a color scheme to match. It didn’t work out so well. Oh well. Maybe we’ll look into that part again at a later date.

What do you think?

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