My 2013 Book Highlights

Frankly not much did not go right for me regards 2013. I’m putting it behind me, working on my faith for ever better things to come, and highlighting on a positive before I let 2013 go. I read some really good books (well, at least I thought they were –ignores negative reviews on them–). Some of them were quite long for me, but the stories were so captivating the length didn’t matter. I love when that happens! If anyone is interested in my full list, that’s on my 2013 bookshelf. Some of the best from that list included:

Best Christian Fiction Series:
#1) yada yada prayer group seriesThis series about a rag-tag prayer group has been one of comfort. No matter how much time passed, I could pick up the next one and just read.
#2) Canadian West series by Janette OkeCanadian West series: I read this series for a few reasons: a) I was given the last book and wanted to see what happened before reading the gift; b) preparing for the Hallmark series [even though I know it’s different on-screen, I already appreciate both for what they are] c) C is for Canada [fascinating in its own right] d) it’s another Janette Oke series…enough said. I devoured them all rather quickly.
3) Runner-up: Daughters of the Promise series by Amy Clipston (I also follow her in social media…another nice author)

Best YA/Children’s Lit:
#1) The Fault in our Stars by John Green I’ve listened to John Green for a while through his YouTube posts and this book was on my TBR list for the longest. Heard the hype, and was determined not to get sucked into it. But, I really liked the story…it was so touching even if I predicted certain things.
#2) Runners-up: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (it seems anything she writes touches the soul deeply) and the Divergent series (because of one word: Four!).

Best Audiobook:
of the lane by Neil Gaiman I’m usually not into audiobooks, but this author could read the phone book and make it sound like the most interesting story in the world. I was entranced with this story and it’s stayed with me. I look forward to catching up even more with this author’s books, preferably in audiobook format.

A toast of hot chocolate to the above books, and here’s hoping for more good ones in 2014!

2 responses to “My 2013 Book Highlights

  1. Hello, my name is Joy and I am in your tribe of bloggers. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I have a blog I made for our local homemakers here… I am also starting a verse by verse Bible study here…. I plan to start it this week. Love your blog!

  2. Hi, glad to be part of your SITS Tribe! Nice to meet you and hope you are having a good day.

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