The Weird Stuff

8.pngForewarning: I’m in a weird mood. I’m not sure if it’s just depression, laziness, or my mind is totally on vacation not ever wanting to reality, except maybe via Skype reporting from the alternate world. Too much? Perhaps. Too Weird? Probably. But, who cares, eh.

Someone asked me recently about pinning (on Pinterest). I do have one, but I don’t do it often. I either forget, don’t have time, or you know, that alternate reality thing I described. I guess I have to find a place to put a link, for the curious and / or demented minds.

I saw one thing that looked like a giant pill — about scared the crap out of me. Sure, it’s really benign, and probably a “bright” idea (what out…I’m being pun-ny) for it looks like it puts out a lot of light, but really? I don’t know about that one.

The other thing I’ve seen before, but a nurse/friend of mine re-posted, and I still want to try this — it’s mellow yellow ; perhaps with a side of chocolate ice cream. >:] That would be a scream of delight and weird stares, I bet. He-he.

Is that gagging I hear? Or insane laughter? One way or another, hope it’s been another interesting ride.  No, I don’t know where trash can is, but I’ll leave you to find it now, for I’m going back into hibernation until this cold spell snaps. Brrr.

Tune for this post…


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