I play a quaint little game with my friends. Maybe you’ve heard of it…Words with Friends. Yeah, I know…kind of a silly version of Scrabble, but it’s a good way for some of my friends and I to banter back and forth (and sometimes beat the pants off the other *wicked grin*).  Anyway, for me, it turns into story time on the board. Perhaps, it’s the reader within me, but I make a game within a game playing off of my friends’ words with complementary ones.

One friend of mine played “tinter”, I countered with “shady”.  (Methinks there’s something sneaky happening in this game. *shifts eyes back and forth*)

Another friend and I had “spado” “pie”. (I don’t know what that is, but it sounds mighty interesting, though perhaps a little Craig Ferguson type of creepy.)

On another game, I put “shawls” in my friend’s “folder”. (Well, at least he’ll be warm during this Winter.)

Some of the weirdest, funniest stories come from one particular friend of mine. So, just had to share one of our recent “stories”:words with friends game board
“The toast harped dad[‘s] fez [and] learns unto [the] lamb. [and the toad is waiting to play]”
No, we weren’t drinking…at least I wasn’t at the time, I can’t vouch for him, as he’s hours away in the boonies.

I realize that this game within a game is the result of my funkedelic imagination (and that’s without drugs), but it can make things quite interesting is my point.

What have you ever seen in a game? Ever think it would make a good book? Or maybe a coffee table book for stoners? Hmm…filing that under possible money ideas, when I get the money to go to Washington or Colorado one day. ;D

What do you think?

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