My Declaration…

I can now declare my independence to blog as I like it. Thanks to IzzyMom for coming up with this great idea. I shall do my best to abide by these blogging “guidelines”. 😉

A Blogging Declaration of Independence

1. I will only write when I feel like writing. I will not allow myself to feel obligated to write a blog post or do any other blog-related activity if I don’t feel like it. (But I will do what I can so my readers can obtain their “fix” until I post again)

2. I will no longer stop to consider if a post will be boring to other people or use that as a deciding factor in what I write. (Although I will grammar/spell check as needed – blech to those typos that creep up when one least wants them *heh*)

3. I will write from my heart and remember that my blog is about me and whatever I want to write about. (Sarcastic wit and all…and, hopefully my readers will remember it’s all in fun…no harm meant to any individual, etc.)

4. I will not compare myself to other bloggers. (Except when I’m striving to be a better blogger, of course.)

I will not allow myself to feel bad if I notice that someone doesn’t come to my blog anymore. (But, will wish them well, miss their company and still have hope they can to return someday *S*)

6. I will not concern myself with comments or stat counters or other numeric devices that might have the ability to affect my mood or what I write.(I’m still working on this one…I like numbers *S*)

7. I will not feel bad if something I care about doesn’t get a lot of feedback or comments. (But, I’ll secretly boo-hoo @ the screen 😛)

8. I will always try to remember that blogging is a hobby first and foremost. When it stops being fun, I will step away and re-evaluate. (Pass the margarita (or Dr Pepper)…time to par-tay!)

9. I will no longer feel guilty about not commenting “as much as I should” because my first responsibility is to myself and my family. Though I love reading and connecting with other bloggers, real life needs to come first. (As I blog these days, I realize this rule is finally taking hold…and it’s a bittersweet thought)

I will make an effort to not get lost in blogging. Just because I can while away an entire evening in the blogsophere with relative ease doesn’t mean I should. (Unless it’s of really high interest)

I will not worry about losing readers if I change my focus from time to time. (So much to see, so much to do!)

12. I will be true to myself and my feelings. I will be cranky if that’s how I feel. Being a diplomat 24-7 is just exhausting and unnatural. (But, I will do my best to remember The Golden Rule “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”, and hope/help my readers remember, too)

13. I will try really hard to fight that feeling that I am missing out on something if I’m not reading and commenting on blogs.

14. In committing myself to this declaration, I am setting myself free so that I can enjoy blogging more and stress about it less.

15. I will update and add to this declaration as necessary.

So it is written, so let it be known! 😀

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