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The Hallowed Pretty

This Halloween, as you go out and about gobbling sugar and puking it later –wait…we all do that, right? *sheepish-slightly-impish-grin* –, remember the following:

fall butterfly

Found this pretty butterfly on my sidewalk earlier this Fall. The shadow is actually from the butterfly. *big grin*

Thus concludes my serene moment of the day. *goes back to gorging on candy* (well, maybe only virtually…less calories that way. ;D)

Fall Into Blogging–Day 4

Another day, another prompt provided by the ladies.
Fall Into Blogging – Day 4
Share either your favorite fall craft or autumn recipe. Or share what you’re eying on Pinterest.

Again, I have more than one favorite, so just picking a craft, making a Fall wreath. Yeah, I know, it’s a simple activity, but it’s something to do with kids of all ages.

What you need:

Leaves from the yard
(if you don’t have any trees, feel free to come over and clean my yard…or a trusted neighbor’s yard, or fake ones from the craft store, whichever is closer. ;D )
shellac (only if you pick real leaves)
a plain wreath or a foam circle from the craft store*
*if a more eco-friendly wreath is wanted, take a piece of cardboard, and cut a doughnut circle (a large pizza box will work here, and it’s recycling – bonus!)
Ribbons – orange, brown, yellow, white (fall colors); 1” or 2” thick
Glue (hot glue gun, if one can handle ;D)
Flat-head tacks (for foam or bought wreath) /
Any embellishments you want (colored beads, hay, etc.)

1. Get some exercise by gathering the leaves together. Gather different sizes and shapes if you can. (Can make it a game if you have several kids to help)
2. Clear off the table and lay some newspaper down to contain the mess.
3. Cut and measure out cardboard wreath (or just lay wreath on table)
4. Wrap ribbon around wreath in a clockwise direction. Use tacks on back to secure store wreath on start and finish in back; otherwise glue start and finish of ribbon on the wreath back
5. Glue leaves in a random pattern around the wreath; dot with embellishments. (Add a stencil like “Welcome” or “Happy Autumn” for extra flair)
6. Find a door or other good place to hang your creation after it dries.
7. Take a picture to remember / brag to your friends. And, send to me. (okay, that part’s not required, I just would love to see them.) ;D

That’s about it. See, I told you it’s simple. Hehe


Sunday Comic

Here’s a funny and quirky comic…the link comes by way of Nikki (aka Elvis mom or the girl who likes to say F*** a lot – LOL). Check out Natalie Dee!

This comic sounds like she got into my childhood thoughts, which is frightening in itself. “I wanna Boyfriend…and a WEDDING!…I wanna get a boyfriend and MARRY him! ” LOL!
Happy Sunday.
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FM5 (or 5 for Fun Monday)

I’m actually party-crashing in this Fun Monday, for after reading at my blog friend, Nikki, I see that “newcomer” Nekked Lizard is hosting. How could I resist playing with Swampy’s cousins, even at this late stage? (Wow, how the Lizards’ site has grown in a year!)

Anyway, NL asks:
Any 5 (FIVE) pictures, any subject, and any 5 (FIVE) words to describe and/or explain each picture. 


I’ve decided to “dumpster dive” through past images posted on this blog. Let’s hope I’ve grabbed some fascinating ones.

First up… From post “Feast!“:
Snickers turkey dude haunts me.

#2. From post “It’s a celebration!“:

People love my yummy cake
(many web hits)

#3. From a previous Fun Monday (Treasures):

Always needs lovin’ – needy bear! 😀

#4. From another previous Fun Monday:

what, me stressed? You’re kidding?! 😛

#5. From post Creativity a-gogo:

See my banner? link me.
(okay, so that last one’s just blatant advertising. But, I forgot I made that graphic… 😀 )

It’s kind of funny to look back through these posts again. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me. Or, if you can think up a better slogan or have another comment, do entertain me. (dusts off where you insert comments just in case someone feels like sharing). *hint, hint* hehe If not, well maybe you can find something you do like amongst the Fun Monday participants.
Happy Monday! (I hope it will be, anyway)
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Be Careful for What You Wish

I’m not a huge fan of WOW (World of Warcraft) role-playing game, but I have ventured to an insider site to see what’s going on occasionally.  Within this insider site, I found a link to Dark Legacy comics, and I love it! Here’s a frame from a recent comic:
Nothing to do in this empty cell
Click on the picture or HERE to see the whole comic. You’ll then understand the title of this blog entry. 😉

Oh, and before I forget…if you’re in Houston (or can come) this weekend, and like Mexican food and gathering with other Texas Bloggers…RSVP over at Mama Drama for the Mama Drama Con Queso II. Mama Drama Con Queso II

Whoa, that’s a mouthful and a half! But, I’m sure it’ll be one heck of an adventure with those ladies leading this gathering. 😀
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