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Juicy Fruit

Oh, my, I’ve been in a grumpy mood lately, and I’m not even sure why. It appears the slightest thing can send me into a rage at times. Anyone have a chill pill handy? My sugar supply must be running low. And, bopping wet noodles upon my head is so far a poor substitute. Going insane is not a reasonable option, either. So, let’s try a different tactic (and doing my best not to think of a certain Yoda quote about trying vs. doing). 😛

While searching on behalf of charity, I found a delicious web site, that sells fruit that looks too good to eat (but I would)! Check out this screen shot I took..
Image courtesy of Edible Arrangements on this page

What a beautifully arranged vase of fruit it is! Now, that’s art that one can sink one’s teeth into at all hours of the day, diets be darned! From the clever pineapple ring flowers to the multitude of strawberries (and of course the pears *wink*), I’d definitely say yes to this basket of joy. Well, if I could afford it…I could really use Santa or his helpers assistance right now. I’m doing my best not to drool like Homer Simpson on the screen. 😉

Until it winds up under my tree, I guess I’ll just have to settle for Juicy Fruit gum. LOL

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Photo Poetry -The Sunset

I knew hanging around the Pensieve would get me into “trouble” (LOL).  Well, it’s happened. Robin has me thinking of poetry again (more on that later). She had a link to neat little game today, that I’ve decided to play, too, because it looked like fun.
0002qcgc The link was to Laurasalas, whom asks one to make up a short poem (15 words or less) about a picture. This week it’s a picture of a sunset.
“It’s a spider web of trees / Pardon me, I have to sneeze—-Achoo!”

Silly or not, that’s what first came to my mind. how funny the mind can work sometimes. 😀
If anyone else wants to play, click the above link to her site. She does these challenges weekly.

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My creativity strikes a helpful chord

I’m feeling a bit nauseated today, which has made me quite grumpy and prone to snap, so I think I’ve to keep this entry fairly short again.

It appears my creativity has had a mini-payoff. While surfing the NaBloMo blogroll, I found a link on one site called “The Chocolate Review”. It sounded delicious, so I clicked inside and found the owner was in need of a banner for his expanded new digs (he moved off of a hosted WordPress blog to his own site). My creativity took over and I found myself making and emailing him a banner. And, he liked it. *smile* No, I didn’t earn money for this particular job, but by doing a good deed for a fellow blogger, I received a bit of prestige, a shout-out and mini-review on his site, gained a few readers (including this blogger) and get the cool satisfaction of seeing my work “out there” in the world wide web. That’s pretty cool and a good start.

Here’s a screen shot of my banner in action:
I think it fits in pretty nicely. What do you think? 🙂
If anyone else would like me to do a graphic for their site, do leave a comment and I’ll contact you to see what can be done. Now, they won’t always be free, but totally reasonably priced ($2-5 dollars depending on the job). I’m pretty confident you won’t be disappointed with the results. Though I’m not degreed in art, I seem to have a flare for it, or so I’m told. 😀

See you next entry.

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Friday Follies

Hello there and welcome to another addition of the Friday Follies, in which I go around seeing the funny, cool, inspirational or just plain silly on the world wide web and bring it back to share.

First up in the follies today…
I’ve found yet another “new” place to roam, and it’s AOL of all places! Specifically, their pages of videos. Due to watching a program on another network, *cough* DTWS on ABC *cough*, I’ve been missing one of my other favorite programs. But, on an email check, I noticed a listing of television programs at AOL videos. To shorten a long story, I was able to catch up on this season’s House MD (Hugh Laurie is so totally wonderful as a fake American when he’s really heavily British-accented). Yeah!

In other news, surfing daily happenings here at WordPress, I found an art blog. She has all sorts of colored pencil drawings and such, very talented artist. If I was in the creative mood, I’d ask her permission for using her artwork in my own wallpapers/tags. Since I’m not in the mood, I’m typing it out to hopefully remind myself later when I am in the mood. 😉

On the video circuit, unless you’d like to go on some weird trip, it’s probably a good idea if you don’t take candy from this man (Oh no, it’s a You Tube employee! *screams* LOL). Of course, if you’d really like to get sickened by cute, you could see the Ultra Kawaii Commercial. And, if anyone wants to commit suicide, allow me to introduce Sonia Klax to you. Two words: “”

*waves to new visitors I’ve seen around these parts lately* (all it took was a drunk post, mentioning a few local celebrities — LOL! But, would it kill one of you to comment once in a while? *wink*) Until later, guys, gals, and anything else that wanders in while I’m away.

Have a good weekend – good blogging, creating, sports-playing, or whatever makes you happy. 😀

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Friday Night Follies

It’s Friday night…time to kick off the weekend entertainment.

For all you wondering more about little me, I’ve found my picture on the web! 
[Click here to see]
what a good-looking pear lady I am.   😉
(actually, the artwork is quite good…kudos to the artist and her real inspiration!)

It’s about 3 weeks to that most gruesome of nights, namely Halloween. Oh, how I love this holiday, and have had some great memories because of that holiday. But, one thing that’s really difficult is deciding what to be…one of my blog pals might like the my result here…

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Bumble Bee

What Should You Be For Halloween?

*Sigh* brings back memories…and, I don’t mean sniffing flowers.
(By the way, blog pal to which I’m referring is at Shiny Objects …buzz her sometime, she doesn’t sting, much *wink*) Oh, and regarding the quiz…visitors, do leave what you’ll be in the comments, so I’ll be able to recognize you come that spooky night. 😀
And, finally…
This entertainment is for people with kids and/or people with wacky sense of humor. It’s time for a lesson, in the form of a fifties sitcom, provided by some TLU college students.
Movie: Marijuana KILLS

okay…they be strange (I’m guessing it was a weekend, work done for the moment and they were probably bored…. *lol*)

Have a good weekend…good football, baseball, or whatever makes you happy…and, keep the weed killer handy, just in case. 😉

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