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A Delicious Smoothie

Thanks to a bumper crop, I recently received a few grapefruit. Problem is, I’m not a fan of the stuff. So, here’s one way I found to use it – a grapefruit smoothie! Delicious and nutritious (more so, depending on the ingredients used). The recipe is below, should you want to indulge.
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Grapefruit Smoothie

1/2 grapefruit
2 Clementine oranges (adjust accordingly if you use navel oranges)
8 scoops of Bluebell light ice cream (give or take – I used a small ice cream scooper)

Combine all in a blender and pulse until smooth. If chunky when pouring, stir with a spoon. Enjoy! 🙂
Serves: 1

I have seen (on the web) a similar one to this recipe using crushed pineapple. So, this recipe is fairly flexible depending on what’s in the cupboard.

This is one delicious way to eat that fruit! 😀

Have you another idea of what I can do with this grapefruit? Or, another great smoothie? Do share.

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Hungry like a tired wolf

As I don’t want my blog to get stagnant, I’m doing a quick post. I’m still a bit tired, so if things sound kind of wonky-weird, that’s why. This latest time chance has once again knocked me for a loop. (Side thought: I know why we have the time changes, but it’s a real pain in the butt, and begs me to ask “why can’t we just keep it the same?”.)

Anyway, I’ve to tell you of a site that’s been amusing me in the kitchen lately. The company is Betty Crocker, a name that has been known throughout the baking world for years, but their recipe site is truly divine! The recipes are fairly easy to easy-peasy, accented with great pictures of what the finished product should look like, and the food comes out quick and delicious!
One of the latest recipes I’ve made is the Quick Fruit Cobbler.
fruit cobbler - image by Betty Crocker
Image courtesy of
Doesn’t it look delicious? It’s basically pie filling, biscuit mix, and whipped cream on top (though you don’t even need the whipped cream on it). It’s not overly sweet, though you can sweeten it up with vanilla, or spice it up with nutmeg. I made it the regular way, and let’s just say, it didn’t take long to eat up the entire dessert! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making it again sometime soon. And, that’s what this whole recipe site is like. I’ve yet to come across a “loser”, but I’m constantly encouraged to try more. (and, yes, there are a lot more recipes besides sweets, I just chose to highlight one of my latest successes…he-he!)
For the cobbler recipe, click here. To explore the site from the beginning, click here. Just one bit of quick advice, to click when you’re hungry, else you may be subject to drool or worse. 😉

In other news, I shall be reading again soon…two separate books (one, I won! yeah, me! The other, requested library order just come in)…more on this story later.

Until later, peeps…happy cooking, baking and eating! And, if you do have extras, you can donate them to a worthy cause, namely me. Yummy!

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Juicy Fruit

Oh, my, I’ve been in a grumpy mood lately, and I’m not even sure why. It appears the slightest thing can send me into a rage at times. Anyone have a chill pill handy? My sugar supply must be running low. And, bopping wet noodles upon my head is so far a poor substitute. Going insane is not a reasonable option, either. So, let’s try a different tactic (and doing my best not to think of a certain Yoda quote about trying vs. doing). 😛

While searching on behalf of charity, I found a delicious web site, that sells fruit that looks too good to eat (but I would)! Check out this screen shot I took..
Image courtesy of Edible Arrangements on this page

What a beautifully arranged vase of fruit it is! Now, that’s art that one can sink one’s teeth into at all hours of the day, diets be darned! From the clever pineapple ring flowers to the multitude of strawberries (and of course the pears *wink*), I’d definitely say yes to this basket of joy. Well, if I could afford it…I could really use Santa or his helpers assistance right now. I’m doing my best not to drool like Homer Simpson on the screen. 😉

Until it winds up under my tree, I guess I’ll just have to settle for Juicy Fruit gum. LOL

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Welcome to the middle of the week

As I’ve said in previous entries, I am sometimes easily amused.  For instance, the title of this message is an homage to Monty Python. While surfing web sites this week,  I found a little graphic in the profile of collide-iscopes journal.  I love it! Sometimes, I think mine is busted, too. LOL

Luckily, it’s not fully busted today, as I still care, a little bit anyhow. Junebug pointed me to another web site where we can all help the hungry. *thumbs up*

Free Rice (dot) com - Feed the Hungry! Free Rice (dot) com

Click and play the game and sponsors will donate free rice in efforts to end world hunger. It’s a multiple choice word test. The words are challenging at times, but good for keeping up your vocabulary skills.

Yes, I’ve played and watched the rice “grow” in my bowl.  I think I found the words most challenging upon lack of sleep (D’ oh!).  Still, it’s a pretty cool and relatively easy way to use one’s computer to solve a much larger problem . 😉

Happy Hump Day! 😉
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Housewarming Party

*enters blog frazzled and out of breath, arms fully loaded with packages*
Why? Because there’s a party going on and I’m helping in the celebration. A house-warming party to be exact, hosted by Swampy, for two lovely blogging ladies that have just moved into two spacious houses.

My virtual credit card led me to pick out some neat gifts (I couldn’t pick just one – heh)…*digs in the bag*

For Tiggerlane the Neophyte Blogger, here’s a doormat that really helps your new visitors find you, and here’s a big box so you can truly blog from “anywhere”. 😉

For JulieBug at Another Chance Ranch, a little something fancy to show you’ve class but also a sense of humor, something large and delicious from the Sweet Taste of Texas.

And, each of you also get this electronic goody so you can have your own parties.

For our dear hostess, whom is having a time herself lately, here’s a pretty seasonal bouquet and a special glass I think she could use about now(Heck, we all could). 

Hope everyone has had fun. Now if you please excuse me, I need a nap. Feel free to entertain yourselves in my comments in the meantime. 😀

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