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The Hallowed Pretty

This Halloween, as you go out and about gobbling sugar and puking it later –wait…we all do that, right? *sheepish-slightly-impish-grin* –, remember the following:

fall butterfly

Found this pretty butterfly on my sidewalk earlier this Fall. The shadow is actually from the butterfly. *big grin*

Thus concludes my serene moment of the day. *goes back to gorging on candy* (well, maybe only virtually…less calories that way. ;D)

Fall Into Blogging-Day 3

Hmm…not much feedback yesterday. Could it be because of a new layout? I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, but so loved the three columns for the longest. At the same time, I have felt it looked cluttered, so I changed.
Now, I’m not sure what to do, and my blogging ideas are flying away, despite prompts.
Still, I shall try to go on…or Goon, as Seth McFarlane said while acting like Ryan Lochte. LOL

Fall Into Blogging – Day 3
Fall is a great time to write, because it is a season filled with colors, smells, and textures (fuzzy scarves, itchy sweaters, crunchy leaves) – all ingredients for a great story. Share one of your favorite fall memories with us, or something you look forward to each fall (hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte, my old friend).

Well, the obvious answer for my part of the world is football, for it’s such a big thing here as I’ve mentioned in past posts. One thing I’ve loved is Halloween, specifically decorating for contests and haunted houses. In fact, I earned my other nickname for a haunted house costume I displayed one year. What? You want to know what this fabulous costume was, eh? Sorry, it could destroy my secret identity. ;P Let’s just say, it was me with really messy hair, lots of [fake] blood, a coat and a really deranged laugh. I’m usually the nice, quiet one…so, when I "come out of the shell”, it’s a rush all around. Unfortunately, it’ a bit more difficult to decorate these days on a budget without things looking totally lame. Mercy, this trip down memory lane has become like drool on teething baby – lots of slow messy saliva covering up a big pain in the [teeth]. So, I’ll say good night before we all choke on this slice of life. XD

A New Year…Same Ole Stuff and Hoping for More

Happy 1/1/11, everyone!

Yes, I’ve made it into the new year (please, easy with the groans, I’m a sensitive pear.  ;P). The sad news is my browser seems to have misplaced my blogging plug-in, so I’ve to blog here at tonight. It’s not all bad, but slightly inconvenient. The good news is I accomplished many of my reading goals for last year–definitely brag-worthy to me. My overall total read is ~drum roll~ 80 books! For the 2010 Support the Library challenge, I read 73 books, which shattered my goal. For the 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge, I read 21 books; almost twice as much as planned. You can see what I’ve read via my Read in 2010 page. I have also set up a Read in 2011 page, though it doesn’t have much on it…yet. Stay tuned. 😉

Once again, I’m resolving to blog more. Perhaps, it’s time to update to a new blogging software. I’ll look into it after this post. I’m already missing easy access to my signature. 😦 The good news is WordPress wants to help me blog (see, I knew I picked the right blog host ~grin~) by starting the Postaday2011 / Postaweek2011 challenge. I’m trying the weekly one for now. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, you can also have fun with me on Twitter.

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Mama Earth revisited

Dear Mother Nature,

I told you I’d type with you again soon. I hope you’ve had a good day! Writing this letter tonight reminds me I need to set out my weekly recycling.  By the way, doesn’t my blog friend Nikki just rock? ;D And, the Houston Astros looked pretty nifty in those special green uniforms as well (thank goodness they won, else they may have been burnt green – LOL).  I also stayed outside for part of the day in your honor (pruning the yard…had to do something…and, it needed doing. hah!). Okay, so I had to be nagged by the television droning on about Earth day activities to do it, but I did it! Please, I hope you don’t give me more poison oak for doing so. Pesky crap, that is. Why was that stuff made, anyway? 😛

Tips of the day:
#1. For those of you inside the US, look for the USDA certified organic label on those organic products. You’ll know the product isn’t just blowing smoke up your butt with a false claim. (Organic is also sometimes the cheaper option…look for coupons and sales!)

#2. This tip I need to seriously remember…always carry a bag in the car for when you go to a store, so you can avoid bagging your purchased goods in those plastic bags. Ask for paper bags, too (it’s not always an option, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!).

#3. Uses for Plastic bags: stuffing – in toys, in packages to be shipped, in holiday packages (wrap package in newspaper comics instead of holiday wrapping paper, too), as temporary holders of goods, to pick up creepy-crawlies. When getting rid of plastic bags, ask your recycling center if they take them. If not, find a Kroger’s grocery store, for they just started a program to recycle plastic bags.

I hope that’s a good start for all. Any other tips? Do share with the class. 😉

Happy Earth Day!
PS. Check out all the folks celebrating Earth Day! Google rocks.
PPS. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  ‘nough said.
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Dear Mama Earth

Dear Mother Nature,

Happy birthday to you, Mother N! Well, officially it’s tomorrow, April 22nd, aka Earth Day, but who says I can’t celebrate early and all week long. After all, you’re definitely worth it. By the way, do you like my colors around here? Green is such a pretty color. Then again, all sorts of pretty colors are a part of your rainbow. Thank you for being so tolerant to our somewhat lazy species here. 😉

My tip of the day to all humans: Recycle something. It’s so easy to pick one thing and recycle it…newspaper, milk cartons, soda cans…heck, do all three. If you can just commit to this one task, you can make a difference (and with the cans, money, too – bonus!)

to be continued…
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*narrator’s voice whispers* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42 (and made with recycled pixels). This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).