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wandering down the babbling brook of books and other randomness

Honey, I’m ho-mmmmmme!

*watches readers keel over with a heart attack*

Who am I kidding, no one’s watching. Besides, I’m not masochistic.

*dances naked in blog* How freeing. Whoa…I think I just put out an eye, so stopping again. The dancing…not the blogging, yet.

So, what’s the haps in my world? Pretty boring…found a graphic to help me describe a bit:
(Thanks Books Rock My World)

Speaking of books, my Twitter followers know that I have recently enjoyed a few books, and an oral storytelling of Coraline by the fabulous Neil Gaiman and friends via his site. Unfortunately, I looked at my Twitter stats recently and saw a big dip — okay, okay. I’m taking the hint…I think. Maybe the wrong hint…time will see, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get through my Kindle freebies, so I’ve kind of joined another challenge for the accountability. (I’ve finished 3 of 5 ebooks as of this post — go, me!)

The other thing that has me thinking today (besides real life…trying not to go there at the moment while typing this post) is a SITSter’s post about Common Sidebar Mistakes.  So far, found irksome one of what she listed..the meta for WordPress. I admit, I’ve been conflicted on keeping this up for a while. I like it for two reasons: easy access for more WP, either on my blog or others nearby, and easy access to my dashboard. She has distracting food porn on her page, so I think I’m entitled to my one meta. How’s that for justification? heh heh

Oh crud…real life is calling again. Answering machine is full, so I guess I’d better go before…oops, too late. Pot boiling again. Talk among yourselves until I return. *hands out virtual pie for Pi Day* Happy 3.14!

Shout, Shout, Let it all out

Yes, I’ve a certain song in my head at the moment, and thanks to the title, maybe I can pass it on to you now. *devilish smile*

Because of certain circumstances, I’m sort of blogging on the run these days (no, I haven’t killed anyone…or maimed them in any way…just things are a bit hectic ;P) It doesn’t help that many of my blogging ideas come when I’m nowhere near a computer or my blogging app (and yes, I’ve tried pencil/paper…can’t write fast enough to keep up with my brain LOL). Okay, enough complaining for the moment. Just wanted to give a shout out to some SITS Girls*:

  • Hi Laura from Storybook Reality! I must have been lost in a storybook reality of my own to initially skip this blog. Yo, people of the internet…visit this lady – she has a very forgiving sense of humor. 😀
  • Hi Antoinette of DE Divah Deals ! Wow…you’re looking good there…I want some of that energy *steals secrets of youth when you turn away* ;D
  • A salute to Rheanna of CammoStyle Love! I’m reminded of that phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” reading this blog
  • Hi Joy at Kentucky Homemakers! Careful visiting this blog, you’re apt to get hungry – holy sweetness! *jumps up and down to work off the excitement and virtual calories gained*
  • Hi Janette at The Johanson Journey! I’m partial to the alliteration here and not just because it reminds me of a hot looking football player whom I wish I’d run into but keep missing by sometimes minutes. Beware people…there’s cuteness on this site — uber-cute kids and I’m having the urge to bottle energy again.
  • Hi Sara at The Infollector! Great title to this artistic site. *reminds self to visit often to boost creativity*
  • Hi Lisa at The Domestic Life Stylist! Oh flip, someone’s making me hungry again *eats my way through the blog* Sorry about the mess…just got too excited there eying the deliciousness. >.<
  • Hi Twin…erm I mean Hi Jennifer at After The Chapel! The blog name is reminding me of that conversation in Bridemaids between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig about Maya paving the way and being urged to report back what being married is really like.
  • And, Hi Lisa at Sweetie’s Freebies! Feeding my need for treats and free stuff, too? Yes, please.

Whew. I’m exhausted after that journey, in spite of all that energy I tried to swipe. Guess it’s time for a coffee break. See y’all in the blogosphere, folks.

*I think about old-fashioned call girls when I type or even think “SITS Girls”. Isn’t that weird where the mind can go sometimes?!? Ha-ha.
**Edited to correct my accidental omitting of a shout-out. 🙂

The Grammar Trip

Brisbane Grammar School Great Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Photo © State Library of Queensland  – photo credit

I’ve shared and enjoyed a certain grammar site in semi-private company for a while, but it just dawned on me to share this news on my blog. (Yes, I know…the bulb is dim. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll get help. What’s the going rate for brain transplants nowadays? ). So, we’re taking a trip to Grammar-land today to share a wonderful tool to help us all with our grammar.

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nine things or so

Thanks to the SITS ladies, I ran across a post recently called “9 things your Blog Site should contain”…well, let’s see how I’ve done.

1. Have a well-designed blog header. –looks up— I had a prettier banner, but I had to change it to fit a new blog theme and get my tagline back. Picture matches, though one day I’d like to change it to a picture of pears, all info there. So, check!

2. A tasteful background – it used to be green, to match my original banner, but the white matches my button banner. Although, I could change it to tan, purple or pink. Hmm…we’ll revisit this thought later.

3. A consistent color theme…well, it matches.  So, it works.

4. A profile with 3-5 sentences. Oh yeah, feel free to look “inside” me, but be careful, I’m ticklish. ;D

5. Pages and categories. –looks to the left— In the mold, you can look up posts by the month, or pick a category below of  a topic of interest. That’s convenient, I think.

6. Social media. Oh, look at the right! I see site visitors, a link to follow me on Twitter, sign up to get the blog posts in your email and one can even play with my dying neopet (poor thing, but it’s still cute). Oh shoot…my Pinterest link isn’t –digs it up for adding later—.

7.  A list of related posts. They’re below every post on this site when one opens up the post on its own page.

8. A list of popular posts. Well, I had them on the right, but took them off because I had so many links for one to see.. –sits down cross-legged in a huff—So there.

9. A list of archives. Hey, I already covered this one. They’re In the Mold. (Yes, it’s a play on words, in case one is wondering. It could be the stuff that forms on bad food or where you put the batter to bake in the oven. I’ll let my readers decide,)

That’s it. Oh look, I think I pass the test! Yippee-doo-dah day. Hehe What’s next?

Oh, In other news…
It’s no secret that like many other kids, I grew up reading books by SE. Hinton growing up, and to this day The Outsiders is one of my favorite books (and movies). I’ve read about all she’s written, and enjoy saying Rumblefish because it just sounds fun. Anyway… GoodReads had cool chat this week with this author!! Unfortunately, I was so excited my tongue tied into knots! I said as much via my tweets, and guess what?! She responded to me. Oh, happy day, calloo-callay! That kind of made my day. Oh, how easily amused I can be sometimes, but that’s a good thing, eh. Stay gold, everybody.

In a weird note, I’m once again reminded how one should always proofread before sending. Above, I had originally typed “9 things your bong site should contain”. Oh my, I didn’t even realize that kind of stuff was on my subconscious mind. Actually, it’s more likely because I watch funny comedians like Craig Ferguson and Bill Maher.and I read blogs like  Now, that would make for an interesting banner to the site. At least, it’d get people talking. Hmm. ;D

whoa, she blogs again!!

You know you’ve been gone way too long when….

— crickets chirping so loud on the blog, they can be heard in outer space.
— you have so much to say, but the words get all jumbled because it’s too much in your head and you can’t sort it out.
— the layout changes, causing a “what-the-heck-wow!” moment.

Anyway, what finally brought me back again this time…Schmutzie’s post about “how your blog is doing“..and I just had to share it with the crickets! hehe

Oh btw, crickets…I’m also updating the book list, if you get bored chirping and all.

Now, if you excuse me again…I’m going to go entertain myself for a few moments with a pear game I found. 😉