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It’s a good day…for reading

Holy flip…did you know?
It’s National Reading Day! Hip, hip, hooray. Well, for me, that’s about every day if I can, and I consider myself very fortunate to have that privilege.

Anyway, the national reading day site is dedicated to getting kids into reading. I’ve personally recommended for this task. It has books for various ages, and all one needs is an internet connection. And, for every book you read, the site GIVES free books (real books) to kids in need.

So, why are we just sitting around here? It’s story time!

Here’s a story about a man and a dream (whom we just celebrated on a holiday this month):

And, here’s a classic tale that many people can relate to these days, thanks to a certain “Polar Vortex”:

Yeah, I know…as good a book as that is, I’m adding one more, something I found one day and turned out to be a really cute read…
(note: this last one’s  available through; no get/give points, but if you click, you do support my reading fund *please, please, puppy-dog eyes*)

Oh, and in case you didn’t click on the wegivebooks link yet, go explore it more sometime (after reading my site, of course). They’re having a contest involving reading and Wrestlemania at the moment, encouraging kids to read all they can.

Happy reading, y’all!

Celebrating The Magic of Disney Music

I have a bit of a confession to make at the moment. *clears throat*  The kid within my heart loves Disney movies, and especially the music within them! Recently, I’ve been a wonderful opportunity: to listen to a sample album of Disney classics and modern tunes! And, even more exciting, I get to offer an opportunity to get a lot more songs to my blog readers!!

Because of my confession, you can guess my immediate reaction…

*jumps up and down* Yip,yip, hooray, calloo, callay!
(Yes, I’m a bit excited. *Super-grin* Open-mouthed smile)
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A quick slice of pie

In local news (about this blogger), I’ve updated my blog a bit and entered another book challenge on the 2013 bookshelf. Drawn to the beautiful graphic and the challenge enticed me like a Texan to barbecue. Hope things look a little better [on the blog] from the visitors’ end. Wish me luck on the rest. It’s about time something goes right again. I’m still thinking of doing a couple more challenges, so it may update the bookshelves again. It all depends on what I find via A Novel Challenge, my favorite site of the moment.
Oh, and a shout-out: I love my local library! They have proved once again how awesome they can be helping me out earlier today, all because I spoke up! If you’re nearby me, go visit them. If you’re not, go find one near you, for adventures are waiting to happen for you as well. 🙂

Good news…almost

I decided to check out the library web site today, and noticed a book I requested the library to order has arrived!! The not-so-great news is a few other people have discovered it before me. Mega-sigh.


Nevertheless, I’m finally on the waiting list for @TheBloggess ‘s book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (a mostly true memoir)”. That deserves an “almost woohoo!” from me to Hamlet von Schnitzel and all passersby.
Open-mouthed smile

I return you to regular programming. happy rest-of-the-weekend

Houston means that I’m one day closer to baseball

Okay, yes the header is a weird play on a song, but it means it’s time to talk Houston Astros, no matter how much of a disappointment it can be when they lose. Maybe it will be better to move to the American League (still don’t relish that move).

The new list of Twitter handles for Astros’ players has just been posted via Ms. Footer’s blog. The –cough, cough– rebuilding of the team has brought a new crop of rookies and new guys into the mix. So, I think it’s a good time to go through the nicknames again.

Chris Johnson – he’s still CJ, though not-so-secretly Cutie –giggles like a schoolgirl–

Brian Bogusevic – This is Bogie (which while it makes sense for his name, the nickname still reminds me of Tim Bogar, but it’s growing on me)

Bud Norris – I don’t really have one for him, though we could call him up&down, for one time he pitches well, and the next time he’s down again. :-/

Matt Downs – His handle is downstown16 ; I think of him as Downtown (where hopefully he’ll keep hitting his balls – [homeruns, that is])

Jordan Schafer – another new face to me; maybe a future leader when they put him on top in the lineup; right now, he’s just shafe to me.

Jordan Lyles – the phenom; Astros had to move others to make room for him in the lineup again; hope he proves it’s worth it ❤

J.D Martinez – seems one can usually count on him for a big hit to keep things going; swinger? nah…sounds dirty; and saying JD reminds me of one of the Astros’ tv announcers, but it will have to do for now.

Jason Castro – I’m not sure what to call him other than Catcherman, either but I home he’s like the Comeback kid now that he’s back in the lineup

Lucas Harrell – another new face; could yell Looooooooocas! in the stands until something else comes along

Carlos Lee – he’s still Mr.Lee to me, though officially this is el Caballo

Wesley Wright – I don’t remember what Wes was being called, though we all hope he has the Wright stuff when he pitches; he’s dub-dub to me (from the initials, of course).

That’s all on this addition. (Only covering the ones connected to Twitter here)

Whatever they’re all called, the one thing I’d really want to call them is a Winning Team…we’ll see if we can get that out of them one day. Hopefully, before the season is over. Sigh. Go ‘Stros! Open-mouthed smile