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it is all in the attitude

“Maintain a positive attitude, so you can grow. And, with this life, you may help others.”

The above quote is advice I might give to a friend in need of something uplifting to help during a time of tribulation, when things just seem to not be going in the person’s way. Yes, I realize it’s not up to me to give advice to anyone for I’m not another person’s creator, but today may be an exception. I am giving this advice to myself.
I find it so hard sometimes to keep uplifting thoughts when bombarded with negativity from another source, particularly a family member or close friend. I feel for the other person, and their emotions make me cringe, and in a moment of weakness, I may react negatively in return. If I do not react outwardly though, the emotions can fester inside, to which I feel the urge to purge, either literally or through some passive action such as tears, writing, walking, or furiously cleaning. My mind reels in what I should do, could do to alleviate the pressure and help the situation/problem at hand. I feel much like the cartoon character Ziggy, looking up for spiritual guidance to maintain my average, hum-drum, thankful-I’m-still-alive, roller coaster of emotions life.

Of course, maybe this picture quote (below) says everything:

Who knows?
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Taking the vow

This blog entry is dedicated to one thing: vowing for peace in this violent world of which we live (assuming you’re not a visiting alien from another planet – to those people I say, Welcome, and if you want to blow something up, go next door, thanks! *grin*). To continue, I am taking my own vow through poetry. Why? Because that’s how my brain’s thinking at the moment–like it or lump it.

I Vow…
It seems so simple
yet hard to do
a vow to be peaceful
non-violent, too
Love your neighbor
as only you can
Treat others with
kindness throughout the land
If someone should get
in your space
Think of reason instead
of a smack in the face
A much better person
you may then be
Perhaps the smile shared
could even cause glee
So, I vow to help
this cause so dear
Though human I am
I will try not to fear
Should I slip up some
time on my vow
With reason, I’ll make it
through some way, some how.
Take The Vow of NonViolence at

Okay, so that last part is a bit cheesy, I think that silly movie The Flintstones interfered with my thought processes a bit. Oh well. Click the take the vow link if you agree, or want to offer your support, too. (I’m not receiving compensation for posting that, just spreading good vibes).

Peace to y’all.
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Simple Gifts

‘Air and Simple Gifts’ John Williams at Obama Inauguration

I love this arrangement, so I just had to add it to my blog for all to see whenever wanted. 🙂
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PS. I’m still resolving, but I had to take a break, else possibly depress one and all. ;P

I resolve…(Day 5)

One reading these resolutions may ask me, “Am I really doing these things, or is it just a bunch of BS talk?” Never fear, I am as I go. The plan is to give a grand update at the end of the month. We’ll see how I stick to that one. 😀
Anyway…we’re at Day 5 now. Today, since it’s late in the day, I’m going a bit simplify this one.

Day 5: We all have our favorites, and our favorites love when we brag about them. But, we forget or run out of time, or some other excuse. So…the task– Spread the word about something on the internet that you like.

Click below to read about mine…
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I resolve… (Day 4)

Wow…it’s hard to believe the weekend is almost gone already. I’m not sure I’ve gotten as much done as I envisioned, but I think I’ve done almost all of what needed to be done. Which brings me to…

Day 4: I’ve a little over 130 unread messages in one of my feeds (one of my faves: LOLcats). So, as a part of my daily resolution plan, I think it’s time to tackle that stack. 😀

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