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Ad On

Yeah, the title’s a bit of word play for you thinkers out there: a mash-up between a certain football game, enhanced web browsing, and Matthew Perry’s sitcom Go On.

Speaking of going on…

I’m sitting here going through the latest crop of Super Bowl commercials (so far), some of which to be airing next Sunday during that little football match they have every year. Some have really caught my eye, others causing my retinas to burn the rest…meh.

The creep factor is definitely within this Doritos finalist:

Doritos Goat 4 Sale–because who wouldn’t want an annoying goat that eats all your chips all day long?!

Though, there’s always a bit of funny in the low-brow “slap”stick humor of this Doritos finalist:


Doritos Express Checkout–predictable but the real funny is he took over 50 takes to get that shot XD

I’m not such a Marvel comics fan, but the Iron Man teasers make the movie look so fantastic! Of course, it has Robert Downey Jr., too…not-so-good guy IRL, but on screen, so totally yummy":

Iron Man 3 Trailer–makes the eyes go Boing! O_O

How can one not be pumped already? Okay, I’d be a bit happier if my team had not flubbed up everything and gotten in, but it’s the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl 2013–yummy Arian Foster shot halfway in…namaste!

Whatever the ads do bring this weekend, I do hope to bask in the excitement (I’d better be entertained, at 4 million dollars a pop). But, even if not, I’m determined to be happy, mon…

Get Happy Volkswagen 2013–don’t worry…hakuna matata and all that jazz. Wait, now I’m tuck on Broadway. Someone pick me up quickly before I gleek out!

“I hear music when you look at me….” Oops. Too late. Happy pre-Super Bowl, y’all…or, happy shopping, etc. for the rest. As for me, I’ll get back to my Matthew Perry and  Texans players dream (featuring JJ, JJo, AJ, and #23, too)…oh, I can spend a while on this one. Hope no one wants to eat soon. Eh, let them order pizza. ;D

Houston means that I’m one day closer to baseball

Okay, yes the header is a weird play on a song, but it means it’s time to talk Houston Astros, no matter how much of a disappointment it can be when they lose. Maybe it will be better to move to the American League (still don’t relish that move).

The new list of Twitter handles for Astros’ players has just been posted via Ms. Footer’s blog. The –cough, cough– rebuilding of the team has brought a new crop of rookies and new guys into the mix. So, I think it’s a good time to go through the nicknames again.

Chris Johnson – he’s still CJ, though not-so-secretly Cutie –giggles like a schoolgirl–

Brian Bogusevic – This is Bogie (which while it makes sense for his name, the nickname still reminds me of Tim Bogar, but it’s growing on me)

Bud Norris – I don’t really have one for him, though we could call him up&down, for one time he pitches well, and the next time he’s down again. :-/

Matt Downs – His handle is downstown16 ; I think of him as Downtown (where hopefully he’ll keep hitting his balls – [homeruns, that is])

Jordan Schafer – another new face to me; maybe a future leader when they put him on top in the lineup; right now, he’s just shafe to me.

Jordan Lyles – the phenom; Astros had to move others to make room for him in the lineup again; hope he proves it’s worth it ❤

J.D Martinez – seems one can usually count on him for a big hit to keep things going; swinger? nah…sounds dirty; and saying JD reminds me of one of the Astros’ tv announcers, but it will have to do for now.

Jason Castro – I’m not sure what to call him other than Catcherman, either but I home he’s like the Comeback kid now that he’s back in the lineup

Lucas Harrell – another new face; could yell Looooooooocas! in the stands until something else comes along

Carlos Lee – he’s still Mr.Lee to me, though officially this is el Caballo

Wesley Wright – I don’t remember what Wes was being called, though we all hope he has the Wright stuff when he pitches; he’s dub-dub to me (from the initials, of course).

That’s all on this addition. (Only covering the ones connected to Twitter here)

Whatever they’re all called, the one thing I’d really want to call them is a Winning Team…we’ll see if we can get that out of them one day. Hopefully, before the season is over. Sigh. Go ‘Stros! Open-mouthed smile

Stroll down memory lane

No surprise to people that know me, but I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. It’s not that I don’t like pretty things, dolls, dressing up, etc. (shoes are still good accessories absolutely-necessary-goods to get if one has the cash), so I still was a girlie-girl [tee-hee]. But, I also have liked playing with trucks, metal cars, and “tossing balls”. Yes, yes, I know…it does have a definite and fun double meaning. That’s a story for another time. 😉 Anyway, one particular ball I found once was a hard brown softball. It floated in water, and if I focused enough, I could get it to go pretty far [considering I throw like a girl – hah]. I grew up and wasn’t not sure what ever happened to the ball…until today. Playing an online game, I saw a web advertisement for IAMS dog food.

Check out what’s in this dog’s mouth:
Image captured by ThePearLady / from IAMS dog food web advertisement provided by
My ball!!!! 😀

Okay, so it’s not exactly my ball, but it did remind me of the one I used to play with when I was a little girl. ;D
Isn’t it something how seeing an ad devised to sell something else can invoke such a memory? Have you ever had something similar happen to you?
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All about the nonsense

Edward Lear
Image via Wikipedia

Bow-chicka-wow-wow! It’s Limericks Day! It’s a day to write/read/say “fun” poems in honor of Edward Lear’s birthday [May 12th], whom wrote all sorts of nonsense. 😉 I’ve enjoyed his writings since before I could analyze them to death [for various literature classes]. So, to celebrate the day, I’ve written some more of my own limericks for us to groan laugh at and love. Enjoy.


A day of limericks, how droll
I’m not sure which way to roll
It’s hard to rhyme, with a certain time,
But, look! I’ve made it through the hole!


Yes, I’ve lots of sports on the brain,
If my team doesn’t win, I might go insane
I watch them play, yelling and cheering all-the-way!
It may not be healthy, but it’s fun just the same.

OMG, I made it. *wipes brow* Happy Rickelime….errm, I mean have a Happy Limericks day!
(and go, Rockets!)

If you’d like to write a limerick, and need some help, let Wiki be your guide by looking at How to Write a Limerick. Do share if you do, so we can all enjoy the fun!

Until later…may you all have some sort of whimsy in your lives. It sure makes things interesting. 😉
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Another season opens!

It’s the start of another season! [Major League] Baseball, of course. Opening Day is today, Monday, April 6th, and hopes are high for another interesting year, maybe without a steroid dabacle even. Dare we dream? Indeed, it’s the stuff the Houston Astros are made of…dreams (for we have little else at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold).
With that said, it’s also time to introduce the Astros again. Since I love nicknaming the players to personalize things–and generally amuse myself–, this is how I will introduce the hometown team. Keep in mind, we’ll undoubtedly have changes as the season continues. There’s one coming soon when a “To-Be-Named” player actually gets a name from a freshly traded new start player. And, already a change has been made from the time I wrote this last night. 😀

Note: I realize some of the nicknames may be quite lame, some are new because of new player(s) and not having time to know/remember them yet, and some still need explanation. If you can’t figure it out, just ask. If you’ve a better name, do tell. I can’t remember / think of everything, you know. 😉

The 40-Man roster of the Houston Astros aka ‘Stros is as follows:

#26 Doug “I’ve got you, Bro” cail! aka (?) [Doug Brocail]
#48 the Bird man! [Tim Byrdak]
#29 GG [Geoff Geary]
#11 The Comeback [Mike Hampton]
#22 The Hawk (?) [LaTroy Hawkins]
#38 He’s-got-potential aka Mo [Brian Moehler]
#44 [The] Wizard of Ohz [Roy Oswalt]
#51 Wild Man Wandy [Wandy Rodriguez]
#43 Give-me-a-sample aka (?) [Chris Sampson]
#47 VV [Jose Valverde]
#53 Dub-dub (W-W) [Wesley Wright]
?Late Add — “Hot Stuff” Ortiz [Russel Ortiz]
(God grant them good arms and hope the umps can see straight – 😀 )

#55 Q-Ball [Humberto Quintero]
#14 Pudge [Ivan Rodriguez]
(Anything happens to these guys, we may be up that infamous creek without a paddle.)

Hurler’s Henchmen:
#17 Fat Elvis aka Bacon aka Sir Lance-a-lot [Lance Berkman]
#27 Ge-off! aka Blooming Onion(?) [Geoff Blum]
— PingMe Jeff! [Jeff Keppinger]
#3 The Hitman aka SweeetMat aka ?? [Kazuo Matsui]
#10 Miggy aka Tomato aka Tay-hay [Miguel Tejada]
(Double Play, Triple Play, any play will do…just catch that ball else we’re screwed!)

The Ball Chasers:
#21 The Rabbit [Michael Bourn]
#2 Mr. E (Mystery) [Darin Erstad]
#45 Mr. Lee aka Lettuce aka El Caballo [Carlos Lee]
#4 TheRook [Jason Michaels]
#9 Underpants [Hunter Pence]
(Circus freaks, unite! We need catches, people!)

Lance and Carlos (Peanut butter & Jelly / PB&J…named during a 2009 exhibition game)
which reminds me of the PB and Jelly song…”Peanut butter and a baseball bat!!” 😀

The bacon, lettuce and tomato reference combine to make BLT sandwich of hits (line-up reference made during 2008 season).

And, let us not forget our on-air announcers: JD and Brownie! (And, hopefully, GL, too!)

Woohoo! Go ‘Stros!!
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