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One small step forward

Dear Astros,
Has my last letter to you actually done some good? The dear Houston baseball team scraped together a win today. Though, they still lose the series. *grumble, groan* But, it’s a step. Let’s hope those ballplayers don’t fall up the stairs [again]. *chants to self* Must keep believing…must keep believing. 😀

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R-I-P Astros

Dear Astros,
I’m writing your obituary today, much like the Houston Chronicle did that one year, in efforts that maybe you’ll wake the heck up and start living up to the potential and hopes you talk about day after day. I realize all teams have their ups and downs, and without the likes of the “Killer B’s” left (except Lance), it’s a harder road to hoe. Sure, el Caballo can hit (occasionally), Tay-hay (Tejada) has been trying to keep the ‘Stros a-float, and the Wizard finally pitched a decent game. However, the bottom line is you’re not getting it done, boys. Though I’m not one to cheer in just “fair weather”, boys, you’re making your fans grumpy. How can I blog decently when you act this way? I nicknamed you the heart-attack astros [and am sticking with it] a long time ago because you’re notorious for surprising us when all hope is lost. C’mon…have your heart attack and die, then let’s have a rebirth again! It’s a new set of good guys (some b’s – mostly workers), and we still bee-lieve!

Rest In Peace
Houston Astros
Born 1965- * (?)
Died April 18, 2008

pride of houston
love to play
all day long
you suck eggs this year

balls flying in the stands from
astros’ pitchers one after another
loving houston the other teams do
like a long lost puppy that no one wants anymore.
(and, yes, there’s an acrostic [poem] above…I can’t help myself. Uh-oh, watch out…I may start singing now. LOL!)
It’s a Rockie weekend…1 down (boo!), 2 to go! 😀
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*narrator’s voice cheers from the back of the room* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42 (and the retired #5 of the Houston Astros). This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

O is for O-O-O-Oreo cookie

O is also for…the wizard of Os!!! (pronounced Oh’s) Of course, current Texas baseball enthusiasts should know I’m referring to Roy Oswalt of the Houston Astros, whom received his first win of the season tonight in a 2-1 win against the Philadelphia Phillies! Alleluia, it’s about time. 😀

In other letters news, my site of the moment:
I’ve found yet another web site called Art & Letters Daily, and it’s chock full of information from news sites, blogs, and a lot more. A sort of overwhelming place, but if you’re in the reading mood, the site has some interesting reading material.  In fact, it might be another reason why this entry will be shorter than usual…so much reading, and I’m plum tired. LOL

Happy Hump-pity hump day. 😀

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*narrator’s voice chants from the back of the room* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42. This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

Weekend Poetry – Gossip Edition

Hello there! It’s time to see how the Weekend Wordsmith has inspired me. This week, the writing prompt is a picture of two people telling a secret to one another.

Basketball is hot, hot, hot today in Houston, thanks to our team on a winning streak. So, I’ve written a little haiku in honor of their success. (why a haiku? blame SciGuy  this time–LOL!)

Have you heard the news today?
The Rockets have won yet again.
That makes the streak 22!

~©ThePearLady 2008
This second poem is a garden variety rhyme, just to prove I still can (and without the rhyming dictionary–amazing).

Gossip-mongers get their thrill
on the latest actresses in the rumor mill
from Lindsay, to Paris, and (of course) Britney
the “old-school” still even follow Whitney!
It keeps the Paparazzi in the biz
And, makes the rest of us go “Gee whiz!”
If only people wouldn’t buy this junk
But, how many would be out of work without this bunk?

~©ThePearLady 2008

Weird, yes I know. But, it’s what I thought of when I saw the word “gossip”. Hmm.  And, yes, they’re unnamed. Got a good title? Do tell.

As always, if you wish to feed my ego (or, *gasp* deflate it a notch), the comments are open now.

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Take me out the ball game

The smell of Astroturf is in the slightly chilled Spring air!

My baseball card of Adam Cowart in his Augusta uniform It’s time once again to check in with my favorite minor league baseball player,  pitcher Adam Cowart. When we last left him, he had just helped the San Jose Giants (Single A advanced minor league team of the SF Giants organization) win the California League championship with his awesome skills. Now, he’s in the midst of preparing for a new year at the minor league’s version of spring training. In twenty-eight days, the new season will officially begin. Look here, there’s a picture of him in action.  Check out that sidearm delivery (he explained why he has that style in a recent interview). Anyway, according to the web site, today he’s even in Texas at an exhibition game! Unfortunately, it’s still a bit too far for traveling for me at this short notice. But, he’s definitely on my mind and in my thoughts*. My mind can even picture him as he attempts to throw the balls past his opponents with a ferocious fervor (and his hoping they don’t connect those balls with their bats). He recently described how it’s all come to be this past February by SJ radio personality, Joe Ritzo.
[link to interview]
It may only be a text interview, but my mind can easily see and hear him talking through the screen. I see the respect for the interviewer and the game, and hear the excitement (for where he is, the past, and of the future). One of the more poignant points of the interview sums it up pretty well. He’s asked to comment on the possibility of pitching in relief versus being a starting pitcher. He answers:

I will do whatever they tell me to do if they keep giving me a uniform, honestly. If they say it’s relieving, then I’ll be a reliever. If it’s starting, then I’ll take the ball every five days. It depends on what they want me to be. And actually, I was talking to one of the pitching coaches the other day about this. He said, “you know what, everyone’s job out here is to get people out. Just keep doing that and don’t worry about everything else.” That’s the approach I’m taking.” ~ Adam Cowart, excerpt from SJ interview

I can see his family, especially his dad, with beaming smiles through this statement. Though, I hope to do more than imagine all this one day (ideal situation would be in a major local stadium!), I’m thankful to the Internet for the latest tidbits.

*Side note: FYI, my thoughts do include warm feelings toward the rest of his family, too, including his dear brother, for which I like to echo the phrase: “Hubba-hubba” when describing him. How can one not like/think certain thoughts of such a cute, smart, and sweet guy?  Okay, let’s put the air conditioner on high, and I shall tell myself to “be cool”. 😉
In other local sports news… After reading an entry on bizarre athletic superstitions (particularly #6 – Whoa, Mo! That’s definitely TMTH! (Too Hot to Handle) LOL). I wonder what Adam does that may be superstitious, when things are going well, like during those championship runs. I’m also wondering if the Houston Rockets are doing anything “superstitious” to keep their winning streak alive. I know, from my fan’s prospective, I find myself having similar patterns when they have another game (as if I might actually responsible – Very silly of me, I know LOL). It’s amazing and amuses me what we humans sometimes do just to maintain a good time. [Question to audience: do you have any superstitions? Do tell in the comments.]
Until later…stay cool, people. For me, I think I may take that literally. *wry smile*

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