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Wordless Wednesday

Two things seen (and captured) recently…



[ While playing a game (Puzzle Inlay at MSN games), I made a pear! I thought it very cool, and quite colorful. 😀 ]



[ Checking out minor league baseball, I found this fabulous news. Isn’t he dreamy?!? Oh, and the news is good to see, too. 😉 ]

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Wordless Wednesday

my wizard troll ©PearLady

–Meet my wizard troll–

[For comments, it’s time to play what would my troll be thinking [if it were alive]? Possible phrases: “Mom, that thunder scared me!” “Learn how to take a picture, will you please? I feel like a bleary-eyed drunk.”  “The last Harry Potter book comes out this summer – yippee!!” Or…  _______________  ??   ]

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