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Sleepy time and good night panty protection

Consider this post your Ambien of the day, for I’m thinking it may be good for putting people to sleep. Warning: may cause nightmares or weird dreams. This blogger is not responsible for that, though, and you reading this notice forms a binding agreement that you won’t backlash me with anything more than a wet noodle without sauce. ;D

As of this moment, I’m kind of in hibernate mode, and my imagination is in hyper-drive. The weather is sort of “drizzable”. At least that’s the word one of the local forecasters says (he made it up one day, and it stuck. LOL) It’s hard to be motivated, much less to motivate anyone else, on these sort of days. I managed to blog for another site (much to the delight of the owner — the blogging, not sure she liked the post — hah), and almost finish my latest read. I’ll finish that book tonight, and it will probably give me some interesting dreams. Isn’t it something how some books can key into the imagination so well to do such? This could also be a contributing factor to why my imagination is so active at the moment. **light bulb moment**
Anyway, back to napping…to aid the cause, sharing my napper, whom seems to be way ahead of me.
Napper, my furry friend
(recently found out my little one seems to the subject of happy memories, at least for eighties’ kids)

Good day/night, y’all. And, make sure wear your protection, in case of leakage. ;D


I play a quaint little game with my friends. Maybe you’ve heard of it…Words with Friends. Yeah, I know…kind of a silly version of Scrabble, but it’s a good way for some of my friends and I to banter back and forth (and sometimes beat the pants off the other *wicked grin*).  Anyway, for me, it turns into story time on the board. Perhaps, it’s the reader within me, but I make a game within a game playing off of my friends’ words with complementary ones.

One friend of mine played “tinter”, I countered with “shady”.  (Methinks there’s something sneaky happening in this game. *shifts eyes back and forth*)

Another friend and I had “spado” “pie”. (I don’t know what that is, but it sounds mighty interesting, though perhaps a little Craig Ferguson type of creepy.)

On another game, I put “shawls” in my friend’s “folder”. (Well, at least he’ll be warm during this Winter.)

Some of the weirdest, funniest stories come from one particular friend of mine. So, just had to share one of our recent “stories”:words with friends game board
“The toast harped dad[‘s] fez [and] learns unto [the] lamb. [and the toad is waiting to play]”
No, we weren’t drinking…at least I wasn’t at the time, I can’t vouch for him, as he’s hours away in the boonies.

I realize that this game within a game is the result of my funkedelic imagination (and that’s without drugs), but it can make things quite interesting is my point.

What have you ever seen in a game? Ever think it would make a good book? Or maybe a coffee table book for stoners? Hmm…filing that under possible money ideas, when I get the money to go to Washington or Colorado one day. ;D

The Grammar Trip

Brisbane Grammar School Great Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Photo © State Library of Queensland  – photo credit

I’ve shared and enjoyed a certain grammar site in semi-private company for a while, but it just dawned on me to share this news on my blog. (Yes, I know…the bulb is dim. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll get help. What’s the going rate for brain transplants nowadays? ). So, we’re taking a trip to Grammar-land today to share a wonderful tool to help us all with our grammar.

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Using my imagination

I’m having a bit of storytime on my blog at the moment. So, get your cookies and milk (or whatever you prefer) and sit a spell. Don’t worry, it won’t be a long spell, as I’d like to avoid cramps and boredom. Hehehe

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Let’s describe the ghosts that live in this house:

Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today, I’m imagining the little old couple that lived in this house. Grandpa worked in the field, and after Grandma died of a heart problem, he did the best he could to “get along” until he could see her again. When that day finally came, Grandma was waiting with a scowl and saying “what the heck did you do to my house?!”

What can we learn from this ditty?

Perhaps, sometimes, there’s no pleasing people.

Or, don’t wait for your life now.

Or…maybe Grandma was just a hard-nosed bitch. ;D

Then again, maybe it’s a different house all together. One with Casper and his mean uncles roaming all over the surrounding land. At least, that’s what came to me when I first thought of “oozing ghosts”. Shall I continue, or perhaps go farther into my imagination? (I do have an overactive one sometimes…he he) How weird am I? Do I really want to know? Do you?

Fall Into Blogging–Day 4

Another day, another prompt provided by the ladies.
Fall Into Blogging – Day 4
Share either your favorite fall craft or autumn recipe. Or share what you’re eying on Pinterest.

Again, I have more than one favorite, so just picking a craft, making a Fall wreath. Yeah, I know, it’s a simple activity, but it’s something to do with kids of all ages.

What you need:

Leaves from the yard
(if you don’t have any trees, feel free to come over and clean my yard…or a trusted neighbor’s yard, or fake ones from the craft store, whichever is closer. ;D )
shellac (only if you pick real leaves)
a plain wreath or a foam circle from the craft store*
*if a more eco-friendly wreath is wanted, take a piece of cardboard, and cut a doughnut circle (a large pizza box will work here, and it’s recycling – bonus!)
Ribbons – orange, brown, yellow, white (fall colors); 1” or 2” thick
Glue (hot glue gun, if one can handle ;D)
Flat-head tacks (for foam or bought wreath) /
Any embellishments you want (colored beads, hay, etc.)

1. Get some exercise by gathering the leaves together. Gather different sizes and shapes if you can. (Can make it a game if you have several kids to help)
2. Clear off the table and lay some newspaper down to contain the mess.
3. Cut and measure out cardboard wreath (or just lay wreath on table)
4. Wrap ribbon around wreath in a clockwise direction. Use tacks on back to secure store wreath on start and finish in back; otherwise glue start and finish of ribbon on the wreath back
5. Glue leaves in a random pattern around the wreath; dot with embellishments. (Add a stencil like “Welcome” or “Happy Autumn” for extra flair)
6. Find a door or other good place to hang your creation after it dries.
7. Take a picture to remember / brag to your friends. And, send to me. (okay, that part’s not required, I just would love to see them.) ;D

That’s about it. See, I told you it’s simple. Hehe