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Fall Into Blogging-Day 3

Hmm…not much feedback yesterday. Could it be because of a new layout? I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, but so loved the three columns for the longest. At the same time, I have felt it looked cluttered, so I changed.
Now, I’m not sure what to do, and my blogging ideas are flying away, despite prompts.
Still, I shall try to go on…or Goon, as Seth McFarlane said while acting like Ryan Lochte. LOL

Fall Into Blogging – Day 3
Fall is a great time to write, because it is a season filled with colors, smells, and textures (fuzzy scarves, itchy sweaters, crunchy leaves) – all ingredients for a great story. Share one of your favorite fall memories with us, or something you look forward to each fall (hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte, my old friend).

Well, the obvious answer for my part of the world is football, for it’s such a big thing here as I’ve mentioned in past posts. One thing I’ve loved is Halloween, specifically decorating for contests and haunted houses. In fact, I earned my other nickname for a haunted house costume I displayed one year. What? You want to know what this fabulous costume was, eh? Sorry, it could destroy my secret identity. ;P Let’s just say, it was me with really messy hair, lots of [fake] blood, a coat and a really deranged laugh. I’m usually the nice, quiet one…so, when I "come out of the shell”, it’s a rush all around. Unfortunately, it’ a bit more difficult to decorate these days on a budget without things looking totally lame. Mercy, this trip down memory lane has become like drool on teething baby – lots of slow messy saliva covering up a big pain in the [teeth]. So, I’ll say good night before we all choke on this slice of life. XD

Fall Into Blogging–Day 2

Another day, another post. I know, shocking, huh. ;P I’m still flabbergasted at yesterday’s wonderful feedback.

Today, the SITS ladies have provided another writing prompt for the Fall series.

Fall Into Blogging – Day 2
Show us a picture of what fall looks like in your neck of the woods. Or show us a picture that means “fall” to you.

Well, this one’s sort of tricky for us down here in Texas, for our seasons are pretty much “cool, hot, Really hot, and alleluia!-it’s below a 100 degrees again”. We’re in the latter at the moment. So, it’s ever so slightly cool in the morning (what we call “jacket weather”) and it warms up quickly to the 90’s throughout the day. Certain trees do have leaves that fall. And, unfortunately, we have those kind in the yard, which drop leaves throughout the “winter” (or aforementioned “cool” season). As a result, the photo is what happens in my little garden.


On the positive side, my aloe(s) are doing wonderfully well. Almost every time I look, another baby is growing again. Just think of all the aloe juice I could make (and sell to you, if interested. –wink—) Oh, and I did clean it up after this picture, though it’ll probably be back to this state soon again. Sigh…at least I’m getting some exercise cleaning up these pesky buggers. ;D

Happy Autumn y’all.

Suessified I Am

I’ve seen it all on Mulberry street
eating my green eggs and ham
counting one fish, two fish,
red fish, and blue fish
learning Mr. Brown can moo,
can you see the Cat and the Hat
going there and coming back
trying on the 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
watching Horton hatch an egg
getting into a butter battle
for there’s a wocket in my pocket;
then Horton hears a Who and will
Hop on Pop with Mr. Lorax, the Sneetches,
and Yertle the Turtle, too;
If I ran the Zoo
on a Wacky Wednesday
in McElligot’s Pool I’d say
Happy Birthday to You!
If I ran the circus,
Daisy-head Maizie would shout
Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!
It’s the secret art of Dr. Seuss.
Oh say can you say?
You’re only old once,
so have some Scrambled Eggs Super
and see Gerald McBoingboing;
then seuss-isms will you say, too.
Oh the places you’ll go!
when you read a book by Dr. Seuss.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my poem tribute with Dr. Seuss titles. If not, I challenge you to do better and show me the truly seussified. 😉

If you’d like even better writing, The Minister of Silliness invites you to visit this site of poetic justic: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
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Reading update

In the previous entry, I mentioned [again] that I’m avid reader. Well, I’ve gone an updated my reading list again to account for my latest reads! Check it out! Now, I need to fix my GoodReads count, as for some reason, three books haven’t been counted in my books this year. [Entry Edit: I fixed it. Whew.] Quel nightmare! How my admiration for book bloggers increases with writing of this entry. To read a book, write a book review (aka report–yuck!), blog about it ad nauseum, and organize your shelves is enough to drive one stark-raving mad if not careful. 😉

Happy Tuesday, folks.
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thoughts on my writing

I feel like such a conundrum. I’ve never really been a “writer”, and yet I enjoy reading on my own. Dictated reading is slightly more difficult; I think that may be more of a control issue. Perhaps, my aversion to writing is one of control as well, as once I get to the point, I’m not always horrible at it. At least, I have been told I’m good at writing, but I’m not sure how much faith to put upon this telling, for persons’ motives may be circumspect. Anyway, I’m no quitter with my writing, which may be why this blog is here I labor onward, hoping what I read can broaden my own writing, vowing it to make sense. And if [the writing] does, maybe it can go somewhere. Perhaps not. But, maybe. Anyway, that’s what is in my head at the moment.

In related news, why do my best ideas come when I’m not near a place of which to write them? Even before I wrote this entry, I had a much more detailed, organized, and longer post in mind. I sat down and “pop” went that thought bubble, spilling out the above remnants. Crazy brain. 😛
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