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SuperBowl Madness and Ads that make one say WTF

football smiley 0 from smileycentral.comFirst of all, a big “WOOHOO!” to the New York Giants for winning the game (17-14), and upsetting those so-called perfect New England Patriots [record]. Although the game was kind of boring for me, and not a lot of scoring on either side (well, until after the game, that is – hah! For the losing side, they’ve to have that mercy lay to cheer themselves up again). In the end, it would be the Jedi Giants conquering Tom Vader and the “evil” Emperor Bellichick (Thanks to this post, I couldn’t get that Star Wars parody out of my head the entire game – LOL). Though I do like the game, what I really look forward to is the commercial time.

Unfortunately, many ads left me going “WTF was that?”. They’re currently available for viewing at MySpace. Anyway, one of the silliest (crappiest) had to have been those penguins for SalesGenie dot com, I think. Then, there’s the dancing fat guy that makes one just go “ewwwwwww”. Justin’s Pepsi commercial I’d already viewed before the game, so no surprises there. I think showing the making of that commercial was more interesting than the actual thing. The E-Trade ad had me thinking “Oh no, another creepy talking baby”, then the bugger spit up, causing an instant “OMG, eww!” reaction. It didn’t help that I had just taken a bite to eat at the time. I almost lost it then and there! Although, I’ve to give them a couple props, for it was memorable. The Budweiser commercials were “eh” for the most part, the most memorable being: the dog training the horse like in the Rocky movies was cute, and when Carlos Mencia was beat out by one of his “students” for the girl. The Coke balloon fight was also kind of cute, and I liked the fact that the Charlie Brown got the drink (sort of a tribute for the little guy whom never wins anything).
–Update: in my excitement, I forgot to talk of the Houston Texans doing a commercial, was good for a grin. Here’s the direct link. Enjoy.
Monkey waving banana smiley provided by smileycentral.com
Oh, and lest we forget, for those Idol fans out there, Jordin Sparks did a lovely job with the national anthem, and Paula Abdul is as I remember her from the eighties. Catch the recaps (videos) at Idol Blog Live.

Oh.my. I had other stuff that I wanted to blog, but I think I’ve forgotten (and I’m not even drunk…*gasp* I’m too young for a Senior moment. Ahh!!). So, I guess I’ll wrap up and save the rest for another entry. If you’ve anything to add, do leave a comment. I could always use the entertainment, and I’m sure other readers here could as well. 😉

Have a good start to the week, all of y’all! And, to those people partying after the win, I hope everyone gets home safely. Until next entry…the Pear Lady is signing out.

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