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Gone Political

I’ve done it now. I’ve taken a quiz recently that shows which presidential candidate(s) one aligns with according to current U.S. political issues.

Here’s the quiz link  – http://www.electoralcompass.com/v/wsj

My results: Closest in views to Hillary Clinton and furthest from Mike Huckabee.

I’m not sure if I should tell my family about this one. It might frighten some of them horribly. LOL Seriously, politically I keep flipping between the Democratic candidates: Barack Obama, John Edwards, and some Hillary. (I’m usually an Independent, but I must be a bit frustrated with the whole economy lately or something…making me a bit like comedian Bill Maher – LOL).

Who do you like? Do tell, nicely of course. There’s plenty of warring factions around, and I don’t really want to start another one. But, it can be interesting to see how various readers/friends of this blog align, if it all (besides being a reader of this blog).

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