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Sharing some blog love

For the next two weeks, the SITS ladies are having a Spring Fling to help blog journalists like myself become better with design and networking. I signed up last week for this Fling. Unfortunately, I neglected to check my email yesterday, so the event started already and I’m playing catch-up. First I caught up by linking my web site on their page (check it: #550!), and did today’s task of connecting to Twitter.

550 (and counting, I’m sure), that’s a –lot— of links! How lucky am I to be amongst them! The coolest part (so far), I’ve found some ladies from Texas already, and another book blogger to boot. I felt compelled to share them with you all today as well:

Goings on in Texas 
Wow…I love the design on this site. Great job to its owner, Taylor! I see by her latest post at the moment that she’s a book challenge blogger, too (might have to do that challenge as well), though of course, that’s not all she has to say. Ultra-liking this blog.

I love Nessa’s blog button, very like something I would create professionally. This blog could stimulate my make-money-with-your-blog impulse. Therefore, I must pay attention. And, those bras she’s opining about at the moment are uber-cute; wish I could have gotten that free sample!

blog button
Rachel’s site just stuck out to me because of a mutual love for books…so another one to watch to nurture my passion for reading (uh-oh….LOL). I see a review on her children’s reviews for a book on my current TBR list (Agent Auggie Spinoza)…cool.

Only 547 to go [insert wide-eyed look and a squeal of OMG!]….unless more decide to hook up with us all. Perhaps, that next person could be you. Click on the SITS logo to see more details / sites. And, if you are participating, do leave a comment so we can squee together. (okay, maybe not squee…we’ll leave that to the little piggy going home. He-he). Cya in cyberspace, dear readers!

Blog Party Across the WWW

**Beep, beep, beep**
We break from our regular programming here at Slices From the Pear Lady to P-A-R-T-Y! Yes, that’s right It’s once again time to dust off your boots, grab a glass of whatever (might I suggest some of this lovely margarita, or for those “driving by” a Dr Pepper), a dish of ice cream (Bluebell), and dance the week away as part of the Ultimate Blog Party! 😀

First, for the new folks around here, and for those people that may have forgotten or just need a refresher, allow me to introduce myself…I am The Pear Lady. I’m not a mom [yet], BUT I’ve taken care of lots of kids throughout the years, and am a kid at heart (In spite of my constantly aging body – LOL). Where I got the name is a trade secret, known only to certain members of the FBI, CIA (and only because they’re listening in on my phone calls), and local friends. By the way, have I told you yet that I’m slightly sarcastic and have a bit of an imagination at times? Oh good, I just did. ;P

Look! The daily news has just come in and what-do-you-know, it’s all about me! Check it out:
Newspaper clipping created at and provided by Foday.com
Oh, how I love when there’s such good news in the paper. How about you? 😉

I’ve also found this cool map to explain how a Texan sees the world. It’s not exactly “politically correct”, but it’s good for a grin or two. (And, it’s proof that Texans can have a sense of humor about themselves. LOL) You can learn more about this map and its artist at the Pentagram.

What’s a party without music? How about some American.Idol! By way of Idolfanatic4, we have for our listening pleasure, the performances of this season’s contestants, and more! Okay, so it’s not a rodeo performance like at last year’s party post. And, some of these guys and gals are not that great, but some are good for a listen, once or twice. 😉

It’s time to wrap up this party here, but it doesn’t have to end. If you’re interested in continuing the party, join in by clicking below…

Ultimate Blog Party 2008
5 Minutes for Mom – Party post
You never know whom you might meet, what you may see, or even what you may win. So, enjoy! Oh, before you go, do feel free to drop a comment to let me know you’ve stopped by..sort of like signing my virtual party guest book. And, if you’d like to see more, subscribe to my feed, and you can join me on all sorts of wild rides.

–Edit–If, by some miracle, I’m blessed with a prize for participating, here’s a short list of goodies I’ve spied:
64 — Pirates of the Caribbean portable CD player
52 — Jendi Jean Bag
100 — 3 books from Jill
72 — Webcam
70 — Chocolate
94 — Book Light
3 — $15 gift certificates to Beady Queen
55 — $23 Cash
59 — $25 Cash / paypal
73 — Susan K. Marlow’s Circle C Adventure books
81 — Basket of Books
124 — Rachel Rays 2,4,6,8 Cookbook

Before I go, here’s a treat for coming by..a party favor:
Feel free to take and display this graphic at your site as a thank you treat for visiting with me today. 🙂

*waves* Until whenever…have a good weekend – good blogging, partying, or whatever makes you happy! 😀

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