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Sharing some blog love

For the next two weeks, the SITS ladies are having a Spring Fling to help blog journalists like myself become better with design and networking. I signed up last week for this Fling. Unfortunately, I neglected to check my email yesterday, so the event started already and I’m playing catch-up. First I caught up by linking my web site on their page (check it: #550!), and did today’s task of connecting to Twitter.

550 (and counting, I’m sure), that’s a –lot— of links! How lucky am I to be amongst them! The coolest part (so far), I’ve found some ladies from Texas already, and another book blogger to boot. I felt compelled to share them with you all today as well:

Goings on in Texas 
Wow…I love the design on this site. Great job to its owner, Taylor! I see by her latest post at the moment that she’s a book challenge blogger, too (might have to do that challenge as well), though of course, that’s not all she has to say. Ultra-liking this blog.

I love Nessa’s blog button, very like something I would create professionally. This blog could stimulate my make-money-with-your-blog impulse. Therefore, I must pay attention. And, those bras she’s opining about at the moment are uber-cute; wish I could have gotten that free sample!

blog button
Rachel’s site just stuck out to me because of a mutual love for books…so another one to watch to nurture my passion for reading (uh-oh….LOL). I see a review on her children’s reviews for a book on my current TBR list (Agent Auggie Spinoza)…cool.

Only 547 to go [insert wide-eyed look and a squeal of OMG!]….unless more decide to hook up with us all. Perhaps, that next person could be you. Click on the SITS logo to see more details / sites. And, if you are participating, do leave a comment so we can squee together. (okay, maybe not squee…we’ll leave that to the little piggy going home. He-he). Cya in cyberspace, dear readers!