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FYI Chris Baker Fans

For all those people forever searching for news on former local talk show host Chris Baker – making this post very popular – , good news for him (and probably more for his wife)…he’s working again!  Unfortunately, he’s going to freeze his head off, for he’s relocating to Minnesota! (LOL) He’ll be at KTLK-FM Minneapolis. These details have been gathered via local news guy Mike McGuff and BlogHouston (BH includes a link to a forum to discuss it all).

–No worries, Houston…you should be able to listen to his morning show online, for the radio station does have a live stream. However, his information is not quite up yet on the radio site, but my guess it should be soon, depending on how long the move takes, etc.–

See, I knew he’d bounce back somewhere. Best of luck I wish to him and his family. What a move! 😀

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Chris Baker Where Art Thou?

I got up today and thought I’d catch up on Chris’s blog, but discovered instead a 404 – URL not found. After a quick search, I confirmed the sad news. ClearChannel let him and his show on 740 KTRH go for a different kind of programming format. *sniff* He kept me tuning in to talk radio. While I sometimes did not agree with his thinking, I was almost always entertained. In fact, when I’d turn on the radio, I’d think “Entertain me, Chris.” And, entertainment I got. They’ve replaced them with a bland councilman, and it’s doubtful I’ll listen to much of any talk radio for the moment. That’s a shame to me, but this, too, shall pass. Undoubtedly, Chris will bounce back into “showbiz” somewhere, hopefully as a host again. In the meantime, his bald head and creative thinking will be missed.
Edit (Updated Information): See the blog of local Fox news reporter Isiah Carey as he keeps us up to date with the latest happenings of this saga. There’s currently a letter writing campaign going on in protest, and the link in our comments is apparantly in connection with an ‘audition’ with the L.A. radio station.

In other news, got any good rock stations I should visit? I’m currently flipping between the Oldies and the Eighties stations. Not that it’s all bad, I heard Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” and frightened myself because I still remembered all the words. LOL

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