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My 2013 Book Highlights

Frankly not much did not go right for me regards 2013. I’m putting it behind me, working on my faith for ever better things to come, and highlighting on a positive before I let 2013 go. I read some really good books (well, at least I thought they were –ignores negative reviews on them–). Some of them were quite long for me, but the stories were so captivating the length didn’t matter. I love when that happens! If anyone is interested in my full list, that’s on my 2013 bookshelf. Some of the best from that list included:
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The PearLady presents her weekend report

In the spirit of Zazu from The Lion King
[cue music: “The Morning Report” from the above movie title]


What I accomplished this week:

I found another great site, namely the Christian Bookshelf Reviews, which led me to even more book challenges (God help me – LOL). It also led me to post here again to the world.

What I’m reading:

The Potluck Club Troubles Brewing (The Potluck Club, Book 2)

What I finished reading:

Beauty and the Beast   The Sound of Sleigh Bells

Reviews, what I have of them, are at GoodReads. Unfortunately, my words cannot catch up with my feelings at the moment. Nevertheless. I have enjoyed reading another Cindy Woodsmall book, although not quite as much as her Sisters of the Quilt series. I’m excited that I can finally continue with the Potluck Club series. This second book picks up right where the first one left things, so despite the length of the whole series, the best experience is to read them all. So, onward I continue! I found Beauty and the Beast via Kobo e-books. It’s a cute little read; not as glamorous as the Disney movie version (story is slightly different, too), but it’s cute just the same. That’s one checked off for the e-book challenge.
The biggest news in my library is joining a few more challenges (Outdo yourself  / challenge addict challenge). These new challenges kind of overlap with what I’m doing, so I don’t think it’ll be too much an inconvenience. We shall see.
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What have you accomplished this week? If the answer makes you cringe, you always have tomorrow (and if tomorrow never comes, it doesn’t matter anyway, eh). Anyway, see ya in cyberspace.

Weekly 100 Words – Oh my, Christian Porn

Yes….I’ve found a good one this week to show you. He-he. First, let me preface this entry by saying I’ve enjoyed reading this author’s works many times, and particularly like how much faith her characters seem to have. With that said, I’m amazed to find this “gem”—a real play on words. Sexual? Perhaps. ~wink~ It’s time for another addition of Weekly 100 Words!
Weekly 100 Words

As before, this blog-hopping meme is courteous of RuthiReads, click the WoW picture to contribute/see more. here’s a contribution from my currently read:

"Jeremy directed me where to stand, and I took my small, small place as compactly as I could. He put one hand on the controls that regulated the on-and-off switch for the blaze and made an adjustment.
The flame kicked up again with a mighty roar.
‘Next.’ Jeremy held his hand out to Kellie. She took the first step up, grasped his forearm, and managed to climb over the wicker rampart without too much trouble. I’m not going to say it was a pretty entrance, but it was controlled, swift, and much more elegant than mine.
‘Show-off,’ I muttered playfully."
– pages 126-127 from Sisterchicks Go Brit! (Sisterchicks Series #7) by Robin Jones Gunn

Oh my, Ms. Gunn, is it getting hot in here, or is your book on fire?  But, don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Happy reading. 😉

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