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Sunday Comic

Here’s a funny and quirky comic…the link comes by way of Nikki (aka Elvis mom or the girl who likes to say F*** a lot – LOL). Check out Natalie Dee!


This comic sounds like she got into my childhood thoughts, which is frightening in itself. “I wanna Boyfriend…and a WEDDING!…I wanna get a boyfriend and MARRY him! ” LOL!
Happy Sunday.
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Be Careful for What You Wish

I’m not a huge fan of WOW (World of Warcraft) role-playing game, but I have ventured to an insider site to see what’s going on occasionally.  Within this insider site, I found a link to Dark Legacy comics, and I love it! Here’s a frame from a recent comic:
Nothing to do in this empty cell
Click on the picture or HERE to see the whole comic. You’ll then understand the title of this blog entry. 😉

Oh, and before I forget…if you’re in Houston (or can come) this weekend, and like Mexican food and gathering with other Texas Bloggers…RSVP over at Mama Drama for the Mama Drama Con Queso II. Mama Drama Con Queso II

Whoa, that’s a mouthful and a half! But, I’m sure it’ll be one heck of an adventure with those ladies leading this gathering. 😀
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