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It’s Greek To Me

Due to the fact that I’m a bit itchy at the moment with poison oak (I just had to clean up the mess from a fallen tree, and unfortunately that urishiol wafted all over me *blech*), I’m changing my schedule a bit. I’m interrupting my regular alphabet countdown to sing the Greek alphabet. We’ll resume the other letters tomorrow.

All together now…

{In Greek} Ά  Β  Γ  Δ  Ε  Ζ  Η  Θ  Ι  Κ  Λ  Μ  Ν  Ο  Π  Ρ  Σ  Τ  Υ  Φ  Χ  Ψ  Ω
{In English}

























What song can you sing that alphabet to? I have a particular song in my mind, but I hesitate to say it here for I do not wish to drive anyone away in screams. LOL
Contest: Anyone guess my favorite letter(s) gets a virtual gold star [to display] from me. (this month only) 😉

*narrator’s voice booms* This post is brought to you in honor of the current theme at  Nablopomo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information). TTFN!

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I want to go to Las Vegas!

I must be having a looney tunes moment (if Tweety Bird bursts out of my butt, I’m screwed for sure), for I’ve done it now. My “sin of the moment” is that I entered the ICHC Poker Cat contest! Yeah, I know, but how can I resist those LOL Cats?!? Anyway, please click and vote. Even if you think I’m the worst of the worst, the vote will just tickle me pink. Now, if by some miracle, I’d actually win [the trip for two to Las Vegas]…just think what’d that would tickle! }:-0

The Scene: Two kittehs having a poker night…no rulez, just all stakes play ’til you’re out of chips.

One kitteh says:
crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

And, the other kitteh responds:
crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

The competition’s pretty tough, from what I can see already. Still, just for grins, I could not resist sending in this submission [for the ICHC site only, not the Poker contest].
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

But, if you could vote, that’d be great. All it requires is clicking on the picture, then clicking on the cheezburgers (rating: 1 to 5 burgers).

Why would I like to win this trip? I’ve a college friend (almost a sorority sister) that moved up there a while ago that I’d love to see again. I’ve not talked to her in a long while, and I’d love to catch up with her and her family again. Last time we chatted, she tried to set me up with this guy friend of hers (well, to “show him around the area”). Unfortunately, my computer fried and I lost my computer files (where the numbers, etc. were) just after we talked, and have yet to really forgive myself.  Anyway, I’d love to amend this unfortunate luck, and see her dear kids who are all grown now (I babysat them a bit, so I’m somewhat emotionally attached to them). Oh, well…we all have our burdens to bear, eh. Hmm. Thanks for reading while I spilled my virtual guts. I do hope I’ve not spoiled your dinner. 😛
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Idol Birthday Mishmash

It’s.time.for.American…IDOL!! Yeah, it’s been on my television, I must admit. It’s going all right, I guess: no really outstanding performances, and a couple of bland ones. It’s a Sixties night theme, and two guys have already tackled Elvis songs (okay performances, they were – that’s about it). If you want more AI info, check my blogroll for the AI forum, or wait a day, and head over to the Chronicle blog Tubular for the high/low lights. Actually, I think the Elvis songs are just my blog pal Nikki in disguise cleverly sending another reminder of her annual Elvis contest. (LOL!) I’m not sure if I can top my last year’s entry, though, in which I took Elvis on a tour around the neighborhood [here’s one of the hi-lights of the tour]. She’s extended the deadline, so we’ll see if anything transpires from my mind for this contest. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’ve been looking through my search statistics again, and I found one looking for: “free birthday poems in German”.  Most intriguing!  Here’s a poem for such an occasion.

A variation of the Happy Birthday song in German (same tune, different words)

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
Sie leben in einem Zoo,
den Sie wie ein Affe riechen
und Sie sehen wie einer, auch aus!
(aber, keine Angelegenheit, liebe ich Sie noch)

There you go. See, I do provide occasionally. Babelfish helped me with this translation, but it’s fairly close to the original poem I created. Of course, if you wish to contribute your own German poetry to aid this person’s “quest”, do leave one in the comments section, or link to this post on your blog. Maybe I’ll even give you a treat. It could happen.

Though I’ve more on my mind as per usual, I’m thinking that’s a good stopping place for the moment. Until later, folks. 🙂

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I Won! I Won! Party time!

Woohoo! I’ve had a winning day, well at least virtually! (In real life, it was a work day, but a good one) Anyway… Yesterday, I battled in my first Blog Battle at BlogExplosion. Before I explain further, first some back story of how I got there. I actually ended up there because someone came to my blog through there, and so I checked it out again. While there, I discovered I had some unused credits just gathering dust, so I decided to use them, but how? I went over to the battle of the blogs page and saw an open competitor.  The battle began.

As you may gather from the above graphic, I was doubtful of winning, but just happy to be in the game (get some attention to the blog, etc.).  When I received a comment from a BE member, I thought “mission accomplished, no matter what the final result of the battle”. Then, in my email came the big news – I won the battle! Whoa! *claps* Yea, me! I took a screen shot of the win shortly thereafter…
A *huge* “Thank you!!” to the BE members that voted for me, and for the others for coming by the site. You’ve all made me have an awesome moment, of which I appreciate immensely. So, everyone that helped (including my competitor), you get a gold star.
Angel with gold star smiley - provided by smileycentral.com


But, that’s not all, folks! For my other stress reliever, I like to play some games at Neopets (well, in addition to the stress relief I can leave little notes for my little cousins *grin*).  Well, I entered their plushie giveaway, just for kicks. And, what do you know – I was a weekly winner of a plushie – a purple chomby, to be exact! For those wondering, that’s the name of one of their virtual pets on the site.
holey moley smiley - provided by smileycentral.com
I should receive it in about a month, and I’ll try to post a picture when I do. Then, we can all revel in its cuteness. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it at this time. The only thing I can think of is giving it to my cousins, however I’ll have to wait because that’d be an expensive little bugger to ship! In the meantime, if you’d love to relieve some stress, bond with your kids, or whatever, click on the Neopets link and join. Or if you’re, do say “hi” to me if/when you visit.


Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired, so I shall retire back to my feed reader and catch up on some blogs / news. Until later, all. G’ Night!

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Blogging Confessional and More Giveaways

My blogging is seriously lacking these days, and I’m not sure why. I want to blog. I have ideas. I see things around the web, and I think about blogging about those sights. But, no….I get here inside my blogging software and it just goes away. What the heck is wrong with me? A scream of frustration is what I’m all about these days, or so it seems. It’s not all bad…I got into my G-mail address yesterday for the first time in what appears forever, after many refreshes. But, I’m still feeling blah. A spark of creativity fluttered before me visiting a blog pal yesterday, and I ended up creating a whole set of graphics (banner, small banner, button banner, and perhaps even business card/stationery), just to see if I can. The last time I did this, I ended up emailing the person/giving the graphics, but it kind of fizzled from there. I don’t know why I do this…self indulgence? Dreaming so much about getting actual income from doing something I love (creating)? So stupid all those answers appear to me. Perhaps I’m attached to reality after all? Pure speculation, that thought is, but I cling to it like a band-aid on a kid’s boo-boo, hoping healing comes really soon.


Time for doing something good (if I can manage such a feat 😛  ).

Floating around mommy blogs again…found this one lady about to celebrate her birthday, with the whole blogosphere!
Now, that’s generosity. Click the graphic to get in on the action (and possibly when free stuff..parents with young children might be especially interested here). 😀

Halloween’s coming up…Yeah! I used to get into this holiday so much, if I had money, I would definitely get into it more! Yippee! Anyway, I found a Halloween guide…click and check it out…

The blog giveaway is over, but it’s still cool. It’s pretty spooky stuff. Haha – just kidding about the spookiness…it’s ideas of what to do, from dressing up your pets, to dressing up your kids, and more. 🙂

And, in case anyone’s living in a cave, yes, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so how could I not promote this web address that gives out free a mammogram for women in need for just a click of the mouse.

The Breast Cancer Site

They’re trying to get 500 clicks this month, for the lead sponsor will give even more. So, click, click, click! And, of course….Think pink, and get squeezed. You might just save a life – your own. Of course, I’m not the one to lecture, but maybe I’ll encourage myself, too, by typing it. *smile*

Lecture and confessional is over for the moment. Yes, a relief it is, for probably both you and me. Until later…the floor is now open. Watch your step and comment at will.

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