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What I Spied Today – Car and a Freebie, too!

Guess what I saw today? I got my first look at one of those Smart Cars in traffic today. It was really tiny, almost comical, and the color of this one was a light mint green. There’d be a picture, but the thing was zipping down the road so fast, there wasn’t time! LOL

Next bit of news I first heard on Rachael Ray today (yeah, I watch it sometimes…I like to see what she’s cooking). Anyway, she had famed Italian chef Mario Batali on today, and he told of a way to get a free cookbook, that a number of celebrities helped to put together. No fooling! I just registered for mine earlier today. It’s a free giveaway available until February 29th (yay, leap year!). And, for up to the first 100,000, Barilla is donating $1.00 per book download to American Second Harvest. Sweet deal! Go here to get it!

It’s also the big Mardi Gras weekend…the big Momus parade is tomorrow night. I may be going. We’ll see how it works out. :-0

Whatever you’re doing out there, besides reading my lovely blog [of course], may you have a good weekend — Good blogging, reading, game-playing, cooking, parade-watching, or whatever makes you happy!


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