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Hungry like a tired wolf

As I don’t want my blog to get stagnant, I’m doing a quick post. I’m still a bit tired, so if things sound kind of wonky-weird, that’s why. This latest time chance has once again knocked me for a loop. (Side thought: I know why we have the time changes, but it’s a real pain in the butt, and begs me to ask “why can’t we just keep it the same?”.)

Anyway, I’ve to tell you of a site that’s been amusing me in the kitchen lately. The company is Betty Crocker, a name that has been known throughout the baking world for years, but their recipe site is truly divine! The recipes are fairly easy to easy-peasy, accented with great pictures of what the finished product should look like, and the food comes out quick and delicious!
One of the latest recipes I’ve made is the Quick Fruit Cobbler.
fruit cobbler - image by Betty Crocker
Image courtesy of BettyCrocker.com
Doesn’t it look delicious? It’s basically pie filling, biscuit mix, and whipped cream on top (though you don’t even need the whipped cream on it). It’s not overly sweet, though you can sweeten it up with vanilla, or spice it up with nutmeg. I made it the regular way, and let’s just say, it didn’t take long to eat up the entire dessert! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making it again sometime soon. And, that’s what this whole recipe site is like. I’ve yet to come across a “loser”, but I’m constantly encouraged to try more. (and, yes, there are a lot more recipes besides sweets, I just chose to highlight one of my latest successes…he-he!)
For the cobbler recipe, click here. To explore the site from the beginning, click here. Just one bit of quick advice, to click when you’re hungry, else you may be subject to drool or worse. ūüėČ

In other news, I shall be reading again soon…two separate books (one, I won! yeah, me! The other, requested library order just come in)…more on this story later.

Until later, peeps…happy cooking, baking and eating! And, if you do have extras, you can donate them to a worthy cause, namely me. Yummy!

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Hi-lo, it’s off to blog we go!

Hello there!

Yes, I’m still here, world…just been letting my visitors marinate in my recent postings (not necessarily by choice). I’m kind of on a roller coaster of emotions at the moment, from high-in-the-sky dreams¬†to down-in-the-dumps reality.

High points have included:

  • Being linked¬†as a hot, local blog¬†by¬†the paper (and not from¬†one of my¬†comments)! Yes, it’s true. When I checked out my stats, as any egotistical wannabe blog entrepreneur might do, and found a link to the Chronicle news and opinion web page,, my heart smiled as I found the link back to my own blog. Unfortunately, It literally left me speechless – not good for a blogger at all.¬† But, it was not all bad as I had a recent spike of activity (and thus, something for new visitors to look). Whew!
  • winning over a half million points on an online¬†poker game (and the highest level that can be obtained in the game)…the only thing I could do online for a couple days (horrid connection woes, email saying heck-no-you-can’t-have, etc.). I only wish it was real money. Then, perhaps something in reality could go right. Dare to dream, I do.¬†ūüėģ
  • Having Bluebell ice cream!! Always a cause to celebrate commiserate with a pint of one of their yummy new flavors – the centennial sundae. It tastes pretty much like a sundae you get at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. It’s vanilla ice cream, caramel swirls, whipped cream and cherry pieces. Very nice, and I found it on sale, too! (must…go..back…forget diet(s)….Whoops…pardon my devilish interlude there. Back, devil, back! >:-)
  • Realizing I didn’t eat myself in the above point, as I remember back to an online¬†quiz I did (see entry Delicious Desserts). What a relief! ūüėČ
  • Finally enjoying a mint 3 Musketeers candy bar. I’ve discovered, it’s a pretty¬†okay treat, sort of like an Andes mint only larger. Though, I must admit I like the original 3 Musketeers better. :-*
  • Watching with appreciation how people are looking up stuff about banned books (including links¬†within¬†my blog), clicking through and finding out more information. Wow! I’m currently devouring my current selections, and though I’m only halfway through two on my list, I’m¬†loving them thoroughly, especially Maya Angelou’s book (which has given me dreams of which I wake up smiling – not currently sure why but cool).¬†Reading is fun! ūüėÄ

Oh my…I guess I had quite a few high points there, well,¬†high for me. Hopefully, it’ll help sustain me as I go deal with some of the “low points” now. Until later, dear visitors. The comment gallery opens as I wave like a school girl starting¬†first grade to you all. *waves with delight*

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