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Mama Earth revisited

Dear Mother Nature,

I told you I’d type with you again soon. I hope you’ve had a good day! Writing this letter tonight reminds me I need to set out my weekly recycling.  By the way, doesn’t my blog friend Nikki just rock? ;D And, the Houston Astros looked pretty nifty in those special green uniforms as well (thank goodness they won, else they may have been burnt green – LOL).  I also stayed outside for part of the day in your honor (pruning the yard…had to do something…and, it needed doing. hah!). Okay, so I had to be nagged by the television droning on about Earth day activities to do it, but I did it! Please, I hope you don’t give me more poison oak for doing so. Pesky crap, that is. Why was that stuff made, anyway? 😛

Tips of the day:
#1. For those of you inside the US, look for the USDA certified organic label on those organic products. You’ll know the product isn’t just blowing smoke up your butt with a false claim. (Organic is also sometimes the cheaper option…look for coupons and sales!)

#2. This tip I need to seriously remember…always carry a bag in the car for when you go to a store, so you can avoid bagging your purchased goods in those plastic bags. Ask for paper bags, too (it’s not always an option, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!).

#3. Uses for Plastic bags: stuffing – in toys, in packages to be shipped, in holiday packages (wrap package in newspaper comics instead of holiday wrapping paper, too), as temporary holders of goods, to pick up creepy-crawlies. When getting rid of plastic bags, ask your recycling center if they take them. If not, find a Kroger’s grocery store, for they just started a program to recycle plastic bags.

I hope that’s a good start for all. Any other tips? Do share with the class. 😉

Happy Earth Day!
PS. Check out all the folks celebrating Earth Day! Google rocks.
PPS. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  ‘nough said.
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