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Fall Into Blogging–Day 2

Another day, another post. I know, shocking, huh. ;P I’m still flabbergasted at yesterday’s wonderful feedback.

Today, the SITS ladies have provided another writing prompt for the Fall series.

Fall Into Blogging – Day 2
Show us a picture of what fall looks like in your neck of the woods. Or show us a picture that means “fall” to you.

Well, this one’s sort of tricky for us down here in Texas, for our seasons are pretty much “cool, hot, Really hot, and alleluia!-it’s below a 100 degrees again”. We’re in the latter at the moment. So, it’s ever so slightly cool in the morning (what we call “jacket weather”) and it warms up quickly to the 90’s throughout the day. Certain trees do have leaves that fall. And, unfortunately, we have those kind in the yard, which drop leaves throughout the “winter” (or aforementioned “cool” season). As a result, the photo is what happens in my little garden.


On the positive side, my aloe(s) are doing wonderfully well. Almost every time I look, another baby is growing again. Just think of all the aloe juice I could make (and sell to you, if interested. –wink—) Oh, and I did clean it up after this picture, though it’ll probably be back to this state soon again. Sigh…at least I’m getting some exercise cleaning up these pesky buggers. ;D

Happy Autumn y’all.

Fall Into Blogging–Day 1

Any passersby to my blog can tell I’m almost constantly trying to get back into blogging again, and I’m not much for the daily thing (aside from those 30 day challenges that drove me more batty, if that’s possible. LOL). Anyway, trying something not so big this time, complements if the S.I.T.S. girls.

Fall Into Blogging
Day 1 Writing Prompt:

Whether you have kids or not, we’re sure you have a great school story that you haven’t shared. It might be a teacher who inspired you, a disastrously funny moment, or getting your first kiss by the lockers before 4th period Geometry class – we want to read your best school memory.

Just one? Well, I suppose I could choose this:

–the first time I stepped out on the football field to march for a contest in ninth grade. Talk about having nerves! Although, it was more of a nervous excitement. I first stepped out on the ball field with my instrument, hardly looking around (until afterward because I was concentrating on remembering everything). From wearing clunky white shoes (so one could see our beautiful roll steps of which I do to this day), to the large white plumes atop our heads (affectionately known has chickens), we ruled the field for ten minutes of eye-popping marching routines. Yes, eye-popping…we had a reputation that preceded my time in the band – a Pride with a capital “P” to not only be the best, but to show the best to past, present and future of the school. (Yes, I know…intense…but really fun). I have loved marching band with a passion since before this moment and probably until the grave. If anyone would like to experience a fraction (without the tortuous practices or worry of having any musical ability), I recommend reading a book called Notes from an Accidental Band Geek and a blog entry by one of my fellow band alumni, Bundles of Joy – Thank you Mr. Fariss, for both express some of which I’m not saying well here. XD

On that note, I’m rapping up for this entry. Hope some of that makes sense. I sometimes tend to get tongue-tied when I’m really excited about a subject.
Until next post….Tootles.Winking smile