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Shout, Shout, Let it all out

Yes, I’ve a certain song in my head at the moment, and thanks to the title, maybe I can pass it on to you now. *devilish smile*

Because of certain circumstances, I’m sort of blogging on the run these days (no, I haven’t killed anyone…or maimed them in any way…just things are a bit hectic ;P) It doesn’t help that many of my blogging ideas come when I’m nowhere near a computer or my blogging app (and yes, I’ve tried pencil/paper…can’t write fast enough to keep up with my brain LOL). Okay, enough complaining for the moment. Just wanted to give a shout out to some SITS Girls*:

  • Hi Laura from Storybook Reality! I must have been lost in a storybook reality of my own to initially skip this blog. Yo, people of the internet…visit this lady – she has a very forgiving sense of humor. 😀
  • Hi Antoinette of DE Divah Deals ! Wow…you’re looking good there…I want some of that energy *steals secrets of youth when you turn away* ;D
  • A salute to Rheanna of CammoStyle Love! I’m reminded of that phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” reading this blog
  • Hi Joy at Kentucky Homemakers! Careful visiting this blog, you’re apt to get hungry – holy sweetness! *jumps up and down to work off the excitement and virtual calories gained*
  • Hi Janette at The Johanson Journey! I’m partial to the alliteration here and not just because it reminds me of a hot looking football player whom I wish I’d run into but keep missing by sometimes minutes. Beware people…there’s cuteness on this site — uber-cute kids and I’m having the urge to bottle energy again.
  • Hi Sara at The Infollector! Great title to this artistic site. *reminds self to visit often to boost creativity*
  • Hi Lisa at The Domestic Life Stylist! Oh flip, someone’s making me hungry again *eats my way through the blog* Sorry about the mess…just got too excited there eying the deliciousness. >.<
  • Hi Twin…erm I mean Hi Jennifer at After The Chapel! The blog name is reminding me of that conversation in Bridemaids between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig about Maya paving the way and being urged to report back what being married is really like.
  • And, Hi Lisa at Sweetie’s Freebies! Feeding my need for treats and free stuff, too? Yes, please.

Whew. I’m exhausted after that journey, in spite of all that energy I tried to swipe. Guess it’s time for a coffee break. See y’all in the blogosphere, folks.

*I think about old-fashioned call girls when I type or even think “SITS Girls”. Isn’t that weird where the mind can go sometimes?!? Ha-ha.
**Edited to correct my accidental omitting of a shout-out. 🙂

What I Spied Today – Car and a Freebie, too!

Guess what I saw today? I got my first look at one of those Smart Cars in traffic today. It was really tiny, almost comical, and the color of this one was a light mint green. There’d be a picture, but the thing was zipping down the road so fast, there wasn’t time! LOL

Next bit of news I first heard on Rachael Ray today (yeah, I watch it sometimes…I like to see what she’s cooking). Anyway, she had famed Italian chef Mario Batali on today, and he told of a way to get a free cookbook, that a number of celebrities helped to put together. No fooling! I just registered for mine earlier today. It’s a free giveaway available until February 29th (yay, leap year!). And, for up to the first 100,000, Barilla is donating $1.00 per book download to American Second Harvest. Sweet deal! Go here to get it!

It’s also the big Mardi Gras weekend…the big Momus parade is tomorrow night. I may be going. We’ll see how it works out. :-0

Whatever you’re doing out there, besides reading my lovely blog [of course], may you have a good weekend — Good blogging, reading, game-playing, cooking, parade-watching, or whatever makes you happy!


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All Treats…No Tricks

Whoa…guess where I’ve been? Web-surfing freebies! Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer hosted a Fall Giveaway, and at last count, there’s over 600 links of people giving away all sorts of items.
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I found people giving away chocolate (Chocolate in my Cranium, ABC – Life at the Beginning of the Alphabet, Full of Boys), coffee (Santos Woodcarving Popsicles, The Pumpkin Patch), some beautiful crochet scarves (Pittypat Paperie) and even a flash drive (Nerd Family). There’s all sorts of prizes to be had, parenting goodies, cards, scrapbook designs, jewelry, and more.
And, the site among sites to help us all be a bit more frugal, a book giveaway at Sense to Save (She’s giving away a best-selling book, “The Tightwad Gazette”). Just reading the comments here can be a help in stretching money as far as it can go, in addition to helping the environment.
What fun! Go…have some surfing fun for yourself…and if you win something cool, i take donations, especially if they’re yummy. 😉

Oh…side note: I still don’t know what to do, if anything, when my Blogger journal. If you’ve any ideas, find any neat freebies, or anything else, please comment. I’ve also a poll up on that journal page, for shyer or less talkative folks. *smile* Thanks.

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