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wandering down the babbling brook of books and other randomness

Honey, I’m ho-mmmmmme!

*watches readers keel over with a heart attack*

Who am I kidding, no one’s watching. Besides, I’m not masochistic.

*dances naked in blog* How freeing. Whoa…I think I just put out an eye, so stopping again. The dancing…not the blogging, yet.

So, what’s the haps in my world? Pretty boring…found a graphic to help me describe a bit:
(Thanks Books Rock My World)

Speaking of books, my Twitter followers know that I have recently enjoyed a few books, and an oral storytelling of Coraline by the fabulous Neil Gaiman and friends via his site. Unfortunately, I looked at my Twitter stats recently and saw a big dip — okay, okay. I’m taking the hint…I think. Maybe the wrong hint…time will see, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get through my Kindle freebies, so I’ve kind of joined another challenge for the accountability. (I’ve finished 3 of 5 ebooks as of this post — go, me!)

The other thing that has me thinking today (besides real life…trying not to go there at the moment while typing this post) is a SITSter’s post about Common Sidebar Mistakes.  So far, found irksome one of what she listed..the meta for WordPress. I admit, I’ve been conflicted on keeping this up for a while. I like it for two reasons: easy access for more WP, either on my blog or others nearby, and easy access to my dashboard. She has distracting food porn on her page, so I think I’m entitled to my one meta. How’s that for justification? heh heh

Oh crud…real life is calling again. Answering machine is full, so I guess I’d better go before…oops, too late. Pot boiling again. Talk among yourselves until I return. *hands out virtual pie for Pi Day* Happy 3.14!