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Another season opens!

It’s the start of another season! [Major League] Baseball, of course. Opening Day is today, Monday, April 6th, and hopes are high for another interesting year, maybe without a steroid dabacle even. Dare we dream? Indeed, it’s the stuff the Houston Astros are made of…dreams (for we have little else at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold).
With that said, it’s also time to introduce the Astros again. Since I love nicknaming the players to personalize things–and generally amuse myself–, this is how I will introduce the hometown team. Keep in mind, we’ll undoubtedly have changes as the season continues. There’s one coming soon when a “To-Be-Named” player actually gets a name from a freshly traded new start player. And, already a change has been made from the time I wrote this last night. 😀

Note: I realize some of the nicknames may be quite lame, some are new because of new player(s) and not having time to know/remember them yet, and some still need explanation. If you can’t figure it out, just ask. If you’ve a better name, do tell. I can’t remember / think of everything, you know. 😉

The 40-Man roster of the Houston Astros aka ‘Stros is as follows:

#26 Doug “I’ve got you, Bro” cail! aka (?) [Doug Brocail]
#48 the Bird man! [Tim Byrdak]
#29 GG [Geoff Geary]
#11 The Comeback [Mike Hampton]
#22 The Hawk (?) [LaTroy Hawkins]
#38 He’s-got-potential aka Mo [Brian Moehler]
#44 [The] Wizard of Ohz [Roy Oswalt]
#51 Wild Man Wandy [Wandy Rodriguez]
#43 Give-me-a-sample aka (?) [Chris Sampson]
#47 VV [Jose Valverde]
#53 Dub-dub (W-W) [Wesley Wright]
?Late Add — “Hot Stuff” Ortiz [Russel Ortiz]
(God grant them good arms and hope the umps can see straight – 😀 )

#55 Q-Ball [Humberto Quintero]
#14 Pudge [Ivan Rodriguez]
(Anything happens to these guys, we may be up that infamous creek without a paddle.)

Hurler’s Henchmen:
#17 Fat Elvis aka Bacon aka Sir Lance-a-lot [Lance Berkman]
#27 Ge-off! aka Blooming Onion(?) [Geoff Blum]
— PingMe Jeff! [Jeff Keppinger]
#3 The Hitman aka SweeetMat aka ?? [Kazuo Matsui]
#10 Miggy aka Tomato aka Tay-hay [Miguel Tejada]
(Double Play, Triple Play, any play will do…just catch that ball else we’re screwed!)

The Ball Chasers:
#21 The Rabbit [Michael Bourn]
#2 Mr. E (Mystery) [Darin Erstad]
#45 Mr. Lee aka Lettuce aka El Caballo [Carlos Lee]
#4 TheRook [Jason Michaels]
#9 Underpants [Hunter Pence]
(Circus freaks, unite! We need catches, people!)

Lance and Carlos (Peanut butter & Jelly / PB&J…named during a 2009 exhibition game)
which reminds me of the PB and Jelly song…”Peanut butter and a baseball bat!!” 😀

The bacon, lettuce and tomato reference combine to make BLT sandwich of hits (line-up reference made during 2008 season).

And, let us not forget our on-air announcers: JD and Brownie! (And, hopefully, GL, too!)

Woohoo! Go ‘Stros!!
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R-I-P Astros

Dear Astros,
I’m writing your obituary today, much like the Houston Chronicle did that one year, in efforts that maybe you’ll wake the heck up and start living up to the potential and hopes you talk about day after day. I realize all teams have their ups and downs, and without the likes of the “Killer B’s” left (except Lance), it’s a harder road to hoe. Sure, el Caballo can hit (occasionally), Tay-hay (Tejada) has been trying to keep the ‘Stros a-float, and the Wizard finally pitched a decent game. However, the bottom line is you’re not getting it done, boys. Though I’m not one to cheer in just “fair weather”, boys, you’re making your fans grumpy. How can I blog decently when you act this way? I nicknamed you the heart-attack astros [and am sticking with it] a long time ago because you’re notorious for surprising us when all hope is lost. C’mon…have your heart attack and die, then let’s have a rebirth again! It’s a new set of good guys (some b’s – mostly workers), and we still bee-lieve!

Rest In Peace
Houston Astros
Born 1965- * (?)
Died April 18, 2008

pride of houston
love to play
all day long
you suck eggs this year

balls flying in the stands from
astros’ pitchers one after another
loving houston the other teams do
like a long lost puppy that no one wants anymore.
(and, yes, there’s an acrostic [poem] above…I can’t help myself. Uh-oh, watch out…I may start singing now. LOL!)
It’s a Rockie weekend…1 down (boo!), 2 to go! 😀
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*narrator’s voice cheers from the back of the room* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42 (and the retired #5 of the Houston Astros). This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

FYI Chris Baker Fans

For all those people forever searching for news on former local talk show host Chris Baker – making this post very popular – , good news for him (and probably more for his wife)…he’s working again!  Unfortunately, he’s going to freeze his head off, for he’s relocating to Minnesota! (LOL) He’ll be at KTLK-FM Minneapolis. These details have been gathered via local news guy Mike McGuff and BlogHouston (BH includes a link to a forum to discuss it all).

–No worries, Houston…you should be able to listen to his morning show online, for the radio station does have a live stream. However, his information is not quite up yet on the radio site, but my guess it should be soon, depending on how long the move takes, etc.–

See, I knew he’d bounce back somewhere. Best of luck I wish to him and his family. What a move! 😀

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Be Careful for What You Wish

I’m not a huge fan of WOW (World of Warcraft) role-playing game, but I have ventured to an insider site to see what’s going on occasionally.  Within this insider site, I found a link to Dark Legacy comics, and I love it! Here’s a frame from a recent comic:
Nothing to do in this empty cell
Click on the picture or HERE to see the whole comic. You’ll then understand the title of this blog entry. 😉

Oh, and before I forget…if you’re in Houston (or can come) this weekend, and like Mexican food and gathering with other Texas Bloggers…RSVP over at Mama Drama for the Mama Drama Con Queso II. Mama Drama Con Queso II

Whoa, that’s a mouthful and a half! But, I’m sure it’ll be one heck of an adventure with those ladies leading this gathering. 😀
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Sunday Shout-Outs

What’s this: another entry? A real “two-fer”? Isn’t today, Sunday, traditionally supposed to be a day of rest? Could it be I’m under the influence of Tom B. and his prophetic challenge? Actually, as amusing the latter can be, the truth is I’ve just more to say. As I stated in the last message, my mind has a bunch of thoughts in it. It’s a matter of organizing them into something readable. Anyway…

I’ve to send a shout-out to some sports teams that have all decided to win at the same time (woohoo!!!).  The Houston Texans won their game today against the floundering New Orleans Saints. It looks like the Dallas Cowboys are in for yet another win, too. The Houston Dynamo have won the championship game, and are now the best in American Soccer again. (Go big orange, and Yay, “na-na-mo”! Thanks to Mama Stephanie and her precious daughter for getting that phrasing stuck in my head. LOL)  And, congratulations go to the Pearland Oilers for rocking their way through the first round of playoffs (as if there was any doubt). Will their nemesis North Shore fall this year? It’s definitely an uphill battle, as the latter is undefeated so far. But, the Oilers are persistent, and time will tell if they can persevere.

Basketball news? Don’t get me started with those Rockets without T-Mac. *holds back tears and raspberries* (I’d rather not mess up my screen, thank-you-very-much.) There’s no baseball news as it’s the off-season, and the only real trade issue (besides those trades to make the local team better) I’d like to see right now is another promotion within the Giants organization. Specifically, I refer to minor leagues pitcher Adam Cowart. He’s about halfway up the ladder to the majors, currently on the San Jose Giants. As a key player for them in the playoffs this last season, he’s definitely on his way to the bigger and better. *smile* (note to self: I need to email his brother again…missing talking with that sweet guy).
Speaking of talking, it’s the visitor’s turn. Go ahead and comment. I dare you. 😉

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