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Fun With Letters – A Game for all

I found an amusing site tonight. Remember how your moms and dada let you play with alphabet letters on the fridge? I know I had plenty of goodies plastered all over it, and then some. How about a site that is one giant refrigerator! And, you’re playing with people all over the world, too!  It’s called Lunchtimers. One can register to play, or just jump right in as a guest (it’s free). Enough chatter…time for the visual.

On the right side of this screen capture you can see one of the first messages I left:
Unfortunately, someone took my “i” in is right before I captured that shot. LOL
After some people being obnoxious, we all started writing to each other. It started with “Hello”, and progressed to locations. On my visit, Japan, China, and Cairo were all there (plus a couple I missed). Some people are rude, of course (saying FU), but others are really creative. But, it’s pretty easy to control the bad seeds. 😉

Once several of us combined to write “Respect for lifetime”. One person arranged this phrase so it also spelled VIP, which was a neat way to work an acrostic in the mix (in picture below). Of course, I had to do at least one shout-out, so I managed to capture this one:
FYI, the phrase references one of my blog friends and her Kawasaki crush. 😉
Anyone wanting to join in the fun should go to Lunchtimers dot com. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there sometime. 😉
Oh, and I just thought of something else cool about this site – it’s helpful in the fight again Adultitis (a most nasty disease in which one grows old, feeble, and not wanting to play anymore – egad)! 😀
Happy playing!

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