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Exercising my poetic license again

I had no real plans to blog today, and I’m not sure why I am, other than I’ve felt compelled. Then again, is there other reason that one blogs? Hmm. Anyway, Robin at the Pensieve called us out by email to write again.  However, when I read the task, a bit of nausea overtook me as it appeared a daunting task. She asked:

I want you to write about something you love.  The catch?  Instead of writing an expected love sonnet (i.e., about your spouse or babies or faith) I thought it’d be fun to write about a quirky-kind-of-love, paying tribute to something that could be characterized as your “precious”

I’ve to admit, that makes me smirk, or maybe it’s just imagining a certain Lord of the Rings character again. Creepy and silly at the same time, it is.  Anyway… Here we go.

I am once again, exercising my license to write:
Want this button?

*waits while the cat coughs up a hairball* Okay, all done.

My Buddy – My Blog

My blog is all I have to show
That’s plain to see
I wrap it with a big red bow
As a gift for you from me

I don’t know why I’m here sometimes
As seen throughout this blog
But, still I pursue with these rhymes
Once started, it’s like falling off a log

Where will this end, I shudder to think
Oh crap, my thought bubble’s been thrown down the sink!
Into the drain I dive, my thoughts I must get
But, suddenly, I remember, I care narry a wit.

(Oh well, happy valentine’s day, anyway.)

Okay, perhaps a blog isn’t quirky enough or whatever, but remember there are no rules. Neener-Neener. *sticks tongue out and tosses raspberries*. Though, I do love it much like my own child. Well, that is when I’ve nothing better to do. (ha-ha)
If you wish to see more quirky love poetry, do drop by Robin’s place. And, of course, you’re welcome to leave a comment on mine here, too.
I’ve to go now. Happy Valentine’s Day (or as one of my blog friends says, Happy VD day!).

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